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Title: The Shape of Things to Come
Released: 27th September 2016
Further Details:
Blu-ray Underground has announced the Blu-ray debut of George McCowan's

The Shape of Things to Come


Extras will include:
  • Jason’s Journey – Interview with Star Nicholas Campbell
  • Symphonies In Space – Interview with Composer Paul Hoffert
  • French Trailer
  • TV Spot
  • Poster & Still Gallery
  • Pressbook Gallery

The Shape of Things to Come

Quote: The time is the tomorrow after tomorrow and mankind has now populated the Moon, where vast domed cities have been built on what was once a wasteland. But when the power-mad Emperor Omus (Jack Palance) attacks the lunar colony of New Washington, a team of scientists led by Dr. John Caball (Barry Morse) launches a dangerous mission to destroy the dictator and his robot army. Can three daring space jockeys and one renegade robot save their universe from the dark forces of intergalactic evil?

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