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Title: The Vampire Diaries (IMDb)
Starring: Nina Dobrev
Released: 31st August 2010
SRP: Prices TBC

Further Details:
Warner Home Video has announced 5-disc DVD and 4-disc Blu-ray releases of The Vampire Diaries for the 31st August. Extras will include commentary on the pilot episode by the director and creators, featurettes ("Into Mystic Falls: Bringing Vampire Lore and the High School Experience from Page to Screen", "When Vampires Don’t Suck!: The Popularity of Vampires and the Fans Who Love Them", "The Vampire Diaries: A New Breed of Vampires - Casting the Series", "The Vampire Diaries: Vampires 101 – The Rules of the Vampire"), unaired scenes, The Vampire Diaries: A Darker Truth Webisodes, a gag reel, and a downloadable Audiobook of the Bestselling Novel The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening by L.J. Smith. The artwork is attached below:

The Vampire Diaries
The Vampire Diaries


Quote: “For over a century, I have lived in secret. Until now. I know the risk, but I have to know her.” Dark, brooding, pulsing with bloodlust and transcendent with romance, The Vampire Diaries – which started as a series of must-read novels by L.J. Smith – has become a must-watch television hit. Season One offers unforgettable characters, living and undead. They are vampire brothers Stefan and Damon, one good and one evil; Elena, a double for the beauty both brothers loved some 150 years earlier; plus Jeremy, Bonnie, Matt and more denizens of Mystic Falls, VA. All are caught up in a spellbinding web of secrets, passion and terror.

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