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Title: The William Castle Film Collection
Starring: N/A (Various)
Released: 20th October 2009
SRP: $80.95

Further Details:
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced The William Castle Film Collection which includes 13 Frightened Girls, 13 Ghosts (1960), Homicidal, Strait-Jacket, Mr. Sardonicus, The Old Dark House, The Tingler, and Zotz! The 5-disc collection will be available to own from the 20th October, and should retail at around $80.95. Extra material is listed below, along with the artwork:

Extra Material

Quote: # The Magic of Illusion-O
# Battle-Axe: The Making of Strait-Jacket
# Joan Crawford Wardrobe Tests
# Axe Tests
# Scream For Your Lives: William Castle and The Tingler
# Taking the Punishment Poll
# Psychette: William Castle and Homicidal
# TV spots
# Spine Tingler! The William Castle Story
# Commentary with Producer/Director Jeffrey Schwarz and Terry Castle
# Ghost Story: Pilot (The New House)
# Ghost Story: Graveyard Shift
# How To Plan a Movie Murder- Vintage Featurette
# HOMICIDAL Youngstown, Ohio Premiere.
# Original "British" Trailer Introduction
# Original Candy Web Trailer
# Original "Candy Web" Theatrical Opening Message from William Castle
# Original "Candy Web" Theatrical Closing Message from William Castle
# Alternate Opening (British)
# Alternate Opening (Swedish)
# Alternate Opening (French)
# Alternate Opening (German)

The William Castle Film Collection


Quote: Iconic horror director WILLIAM CASTLE created a simple, but winning formula for his films: a little comedy, a lot of scares, a preposterous gimmick, and a clear sense that fright films should be fun. This even meant Castle would, like Hitchcock, appear in his trailers and even the movies themselves. Though his career spanned 35 years and included everything from westerns to crime thrillers, he'll always be remembered for his horror films from the late 50s to the mid-60s. And now Sony presents all eight of his Columbia features - three making their DVD debut, the rest newly-remastered - in one "spook-tac-ular" collection. And as a bonus, it includes the award-winning feature-length documentary, SPINE TINGLER! THE WILLIAM CASTLE STORY.

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