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Title: This is Spinal Tap (IMDb)
Starring: Christopher Guest
Released: 3rd March 2014
SRP: £29.99

Further Details:
Studiocanal has announced the Blu-ray Steelbook release of This is Spinal Tap for the 3rd of March, priced at around £29.99. All known specs and artwork follow.

  • Audio Commentary
  • This is Spinal Tap
  • Sprinkle Some ****in' Fairy Dust On It                                                                  
  • 2007 Live Earth – short film and performance                                                        
  • The Return of Spinal Tap TBC                                                                
  • Stonehenge Interviews with Nigel                                                              
  • Original Theatrical Trailers                                                            
  • Music Videos                                                              
  • Creative Meeting and Bitch School Video                                                              
  • Out-takes                                                        
  • TV Spots
  • Heavy Metal Memories  
  • Cheese Roll Trailer    
  • Flower People Press Conference    
  • Featurettes    

This is Spinal Tap
This is Spinal Tap
This is Spinal Tap

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