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Title: Thor (IMDb)
Starring: Chris Hemsworth
Released: 13th September 2011
SRP: Prices TBC

Further Details:
Paramount Home Entertainment has announced DVD, 2D Blu-ray/DVD Combo, and 3D/2D/DVD Combo releases of Thor for September 13th. Extras on the DVD will include commentary by director Kenneth Branagh, 4 Deleted Scenes with optional commentary, and a Road to the Avengers featurette. The Blu-ray releases will also include additional deleted scenes, a Marvel One-Shot: The Consultant featurette, trailers, a digital copy of the film, and more. We've attached the package artwork below:



Quote: The epic adventure THOR spans the Marvel universe from present-day Earth to the cosmic realm of Asgard. At the center of the story is The Mighty Thor, a powerful but arrogant warrior whose reckless actions reignite an ancient war. As a result, Thor is banished to Earth where he is forced to live among humans. When the most dangerous villain of his world sends its darkest forces to invade Earth, Thor learns what it takes to be a true hero.

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