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Title: Titanic: Special Edition
Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio
Released: November 30, 2005

Further Details

In today from the folks at 20th Century Fox was the long-awaited announcement of a new Titanic special edition set. The box-office smash will arrive in a two-disc special edition release as well as a four-disc deluxe collector's edition aimed at devout fans on the film.

On the surface the release looks like it will be jam-packed with extras and a much improved presentation over the first release. The two-disc set, on the back of the September launch of the new website, features a new nine-minute alternate ending shown for the first time, a 50 minute collection of branched behind the scenes footage and three new commentary tracks, including one from Director James Cameron.

The four-disc set will also contain over 45 minutes of new deleted footage (including the "new kiss" between Jack and Rose), several production and special effects featurettes, an in-depth TV special, a HBO First Look piece, three parodies of the film and a selection of trailers.

Both releases boast a new, 16:9 high definition transfer and a DTS ES 6.1 soundtrack, which should make it one impressive set. Look out for both sets from November 30, 2005, but before then be sure to check out the cover art below. Note the absence of any of the typical Australian classification logos, so it will be interesting to see if/how they make their way onto the packaging when the set hit the shelves.

Titanic: Special Edition
Titanic: Special Edition

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