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Title: Ultimate Hammer Boxed Set
Starring: Various
Released: 23rd October 2006
SRP: £149.99

Further Details:
Optimum Home Entertainment has announced the release of Ultimate Hammer Boxed Set for the 23rd of October, priced at around £149.99. A complete list of films is included below, along with the artwork.

  • Blood From The Mummy's Tomb
  • Demons Of The Mind
  • The Devil Rides Out
  • Dracula, Prince Of Darkness
  • Fear In The Night
  • Frankenstein Created Woman
  • The Horror Of Frankenstein
  • The Nanny
  • One Million Years BC
  • Plague Of The Zombies
  • Slave Girls (aka Prehistoic Women)
  • Quatermass And The Pit
  • Rasputin, The Mad Monk
  • The Reptile
  • The Scars of Dracula
  • SHE
  • Straight On Til Morning
  • To The Devil A Daughter
  • The Vengeance Of SHE
  • Viking Queen
  • The Witches

Ultimate Hammer Boxed Set
Ultimate Hammer Boxed Set

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