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Title: Warner DVD Decision 2006
Starring: Various
SRP: $19.97

Further Details:
DVD Decision 2006 was a joint promotion from Warner Home Video and in which movie fans were able to vote online for 30 catalog candidates from the Warner Bros. Studios library of which 10 will be released on DVD. Voting occurred at during the month of June 2006, and film fans voted for their favorite action & adventure, comedy & musical, or drama films. We've listed the 10 winners below, which will be released in two waves. The first half of the discs will be available on the 19th of December while the second half will be released on the 30th of January next year, and all with a retail price of right around $19.97 each. While 10 of the 30 titles will be released to all retailers, there will in fact be 12 released in total with two discs exclusive to Details are very early on this one, but we do know that each film will be remastered for its DVD release and that some of the discs will contain extras. We have an early look at the artwork for each title below (with the exception of There Was A Crooked Man...) along with its date of release and any announced extras. Stay tuned for details on additional extras as they comes in and the high resolution artwork.

December 19th Releases

Best Foot Forward ( Exclusive)
The Illustrated Man
Special Features: Vintage featurette: Tattooed Steiger, Original theatrical trailer
Operation Crossbow
Presenting Lily Mars
Special Features: Audio only out take of deleted finale Paging Mr. Greenback, Audio only version of the ‘long, later re-edited finale’ Where There's Music, Final version of the film’s Where There's Music as used in the film, but with Stereo audio as a separately selectable feature, 1943 MGM short subject Heavenly Music, 1943 MGM cartoon Who Killed Who? directed by Tex Avery, Original theatrical trailer
There Was A Crooked Man...
Up Periscope!
Warner DVD Decision 2006
Warner DVD Decision 2006
Warner DVD Decision 2006

January 30th Releases

Angels In The Outfield ( Exclusive)
The Arrangement
Special Features: Vintage behind-the-scenes featurette on the making of The Arrangement, Original theatrical trailer
Band Of Angels
Madame Curie
Special Features: '37 MGM short: The Romance of Radium, Greer Garson Trailer Gallery: Goodbye Mr. Chips '39, Madame Curie, Mrs. Miniver, Pride and Prejudice, Random Harvest
Warner DVD Decision 2006
Warner DVD Decision 2006
Warner DVD Decision 2006

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