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Title: Warrior (IMDb)
Starring: Tom Hardy
Released: 20th December 2011
SRP: $29.95 (DVD)

Further Details:
Lionsgate Home Entertainment has announced DVD ($29.95) and Blu-ray/DVD Combo ($39.99) releases of Warrior for December 20th. Extras will include an audio commentary with Director/Co-Writer Gavin O’Connor, Co-Writer Anthony Tambakis and Actor Joel Edgerton, a Redemption: Bringing Warrior To Life Documentary, featurettes ("Philosophy In Combat: Mixed Martial Arts Strategy", "Simply Believe: A Tribute to Charles “Mask” Lewis Jr", "Brother vs. Brother: Anatomy Of The Fight"), a gag reel, and a deleted scene with Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte (with optional commentary). The DVD release will also include an exclusive Select Scene On Camera Commentary with Filmmakers and Nick Nolte. The Blu-ray release will include an exclusive Full Contact: Blu-ray Enhanced Viewing Mode, and a digital copy of the film. The package artwork is attached below:



Quote: An ex-Marine haunted by a tragic past, Tommy Riordan returns home and enlists his father, a recovering alcoholic and his former coach, to train him for an MMA tournament awarding the biggest purse in the history of the sport. Tommy's estranged brother Brendan, a former MMA fighter unable to provide for his family as a public school teacher, also enters the competition. Set on a collision course with each other, the two brothers must finally confront the forces that tore them apart, all the while waging the most intense winner-take-all battle of their lives.

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