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Title: Watchmen: Ultimate Cut
Starring: Patrick Wilson
Released: 13th November 2012
SRP: $74.98

Further Details:
Warner Home Video has revealed details on the Watchmen: Ultimate Cut & Graphic Novel Collection which will arrive in stores November 13th. Retail will be around $74.98. This new cut of the film weaves the animated Tales of the Black Freighter feature into the director's cut. Also included will be 2 hours of bonus features, Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comics, the original theatrical cut on DVD, the first DC Comics hardcover edition of the influencial graphic novel, and collectible lenticular packaging.

Watchmen: Ultimate Cut


Quote: Someone’s killing our super heroes. The year is 1985 and super heroes have banded together to respond to the murder of one of their own. They soon uncover a sinister plot that puts all of humanity in grave danger. The super heroes fight to stop the impending doom only to find themselves a target for annihilation. But, if our super heroes are gone, who will save us?

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