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Welcome to the new look DVDActive! Some of you more observant types might remember that we announced this redesign way back in May of 2008. Okay, so it’s taken a little longer than we anticipated, but Mal assures me it’s for highly technical reasons that only super-intelligent web developers understand...

Anyway, this is just the first stage of the re-launch, which brings you a wider layout to cater for today’s high resolution displays, along with a dedicated column for high-definition content. In the coming days and weeks we’ll be improving this aspect of the site to allow visitors to customise the way in which they view content on the homepage.

You’ll also notice that our news items and review pages allow for much larger images. Again, future enhancements will bring full resolution screen captures from high-definition titles (where available) and possibly even comparisons between standard and high-definition images.

We also have a number of other features planned for the coming weeks, but we don’t yet have a rollout schedule (see the above note about super-intelligent web developers). Basically, they’ll begin to appear as soon as we prove that they don’t break the site into a million little pieces (or after we nag Mal some more). In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the updated look.

Welcome to DVDActiveHD

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