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Title: Denon AVR-1706
Released: December 2005
SRP: £249.99

Further Details:
Continuing with Denon's 2006 product line announcenemts come the new entry level receiver priced at £249.99. It now includes Denon's Fast Auto Setup as well as seven 110 watt amplifiers.

A new high-performance 32bit DSP is the heart of the 1706 and all surround processing is carried out at 96kHz including Dolby PLIIx and Enhanced DTS Neo:6. All audio DACs are 24bit/192 kHz devices which deliver cleaner clearer audio.

  • Pure Audio chassis layout for low distortion
  • Front bi-amp select for a 5.1 system with bi-amped front speakers
  • Low magnetic flux leakage  from power transformer.
  • Short-ring low-noise power supply design from higher-end Denon models

New Features
  • Denon’s Fast Auto Setup inc calibration mic  
  • Audio Delay for lip-sync with Prog Scan DVD Players 0-200ms
  • 2 x Coax Digital inputs
  • Direct One-Button Access to Dolby Night-Mode  
  • Three HDTV ready component video inputs (100 MHz)
  • New On Screen Displays
  • Pre Out 7.1ch

Denon AVR-1706

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