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Title: Denon '07 Receiver product line
Released: September 2006
SRP: £250-£600

Further Details:
Denon have contacted us with news of their latest receiver product line, shipping from early September. Four models ship, each with the newly designed remote control. Each model also includes fully automatic setup as standard and the option for full iPod integration and support via the Denon ASD-1R dock (which means they have the Denon iPod data bus built in, but the dock is an accessory). The dock allows not only audio, but also photo and video playback on a connected display. Track info is displayed on the front panel and on the OSD. Connected iPod audio players can be controlled using the receiver's remote control. Here is a feature list for each new model:

AVR-1507 £250.00
  • Discrete 7.1 amplifier with 7 x 110 W (6 ohms, 1 kHz, <.7% THD)
  • Auto Setup with high quality Audio Technica microphone
  • New easy to use ERGO remote
  • 32-Bit floating point DSP, full 96 kHz processing, 192 kHz DACs
  • Dolby Digital EX, DTS-ES, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, DTS-NEO:6, DTS 96/24
  • Audio Delay (0-200 ms), Night Mode
  • User Mode Function
  • Setup operation at front panel
  • Large screw type speaker connector
  • Front speaker A/B selectable
  • 8 channel EXT in for future sound formats
  • S-Video inputs
  • 3 component inputs (30MHz - not HD capable)
  • 2 coaxial digital inputs, 2 optical digital inputs
  • Dock Control connector for ASD-1R dock for iPod

AVR-1707 £300.00
  • Assignable Surround Back amplifier for Front Bi-Amping
  • Digital component video conversion
  • 3 assignable component inputs (100 MHz)
  • 7 Independent power supplies (1507 has 6)

AVR-1907 £400.00
  • 120 watts per channel (6 ohms, 1 kHz, <.7% THD)
  • Two-line FL Dot Matrix display for RDS and iPod info
  • On Screen Displays for all functions including iPod
  • Aluminium front panel
  • Aluminium control knobs
  • 3 optical digital inputs (15/1707 have 2)
  • Digital output
  • Record Out selector
  • Function rename
  • 7.1 Channel pre-outs

AVR-2307 HDMI £600.00
  • 135 watts per channel (6 ohms, 1 kHz, <.7% THD)
  • 1080p HD-Ready HDMI repeater and switching - 2 in and 1 out
  • HDMI Video conversion from all sources
  • A taller chassis with larger High Current power supply
  • Auto Setup with Room EQ (Parametric)
  • Pure Direct mode for music
  • RS232C for Crestron etc plus IR off, panel lock mode
  • Multizone / Multi source switching and functions
  • 5 S-Video inputs (others have 3)
  • 4 optical digital inputs (1907 has 3)
  • Phono input

Denon AVR-1507

Denon AVR-1707

Denon AVR-1907

Denon AVR-2307

Denon AVR-2307

Denon ERGO remote

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