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Title: HELIOS H4000 HD Upscaling DVD Player
Released: 17th October 2006
SRP: $169

Further Details:
NeoDigits have sent over the details for their latest DivX/XviD upscaling DVD player. Released later this month, the H4000 slots neatly into the current Helios range, removing the networking facility and reducing the SRP appropriately. The H4000 supports 10 different resolutions and can output HD resolutions via HDMI, Component and VGA connections. The player also supports DVI via an adapter and the standard definition connections, S-Video and Composite.

Featuring a dual power supply, the player also supports 576i video output via HDMI for external video scalers as well as NTSC 720P/1080i/1080p support at 60hz and PAL 720P/1080i/1080p support at 50hz. Currently NeoDigits are offering the machine up for pre-order with free shipping so for information on that and more on the player, head over to their website.

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