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Title: Helios Labs H2000
Released: 10th August 2007
SRP: $99

Further Details:
Helios Labs have announced their latest player, the H2000. Costing a mere $99, this region-free DVD player is capable of upscaling a variety of formats including: MPEG-4, XviD, DivX and MPEG-2 up to 720p/1080i resolution via Component, HDMI and VGA; not to mention upscaling al standard DVDs. Furthermore, it can output 480i/576i unprocessed digital signal via HDMI for external scalers.

Not only can it upscale via HDMI, but it can also output a 720p/1080i picture via Component, HDMI and even VGA. The player also has support for the VobSub subtitle format which is not universally supported by the competition.

Video Playback formats:
  • DVD
  • VCD
  • SVCD
  • MPEG4
  • MPEG2
  • MPEG1
  • DivX
  • Xvid

Video Outputs:
  • Composite
  • S-video
  • Component
  • HDMI
  • DVI(via HDMI to DVI converter)

Audio Playback formats:
  • Audio CD
  • MP3

Audio Outputs:
  • Analog stereo
  • 5.1 channel audio
  • Optical
  • Coaxial

Power Supply:
  • 110/220-240V
  • 25W

High-Definition Resolutions:
  • 480i/576i/480p/576p/720p/1080i via component
  • 480i/576i/480p/576p/720p/1080i via HDMI
  • 480p/576p/720p/1080i via VGA/RGB-HV

Recordable media formats:
  • CD-R / CD-RW / DVD+R / DVD-R / DVD+RW / DVD-RW

Package includes:
  • one HELIOS H2000 HD Upscaling DVD player
  • one User Manual
  • one Audio/ Video Cable
  • one Power Cable
  • one Remote Control
  • 5-feet HDMI Cable

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