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Nvidia has today announced that their series 7 graphics cards can support high definition disc formats. This means that PC owners will have the option to view Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD movies on their computer rather than the standard option of a dedicated player, Nvidia are calling this feature PureVideo HD and have a logo to go with it.

There are some requirements though. In order to view your discs in high definition you must make sure that the data is protected all the way from the drive to your monitor, which means the very latest/expensive hardware and software. Such requirements include:

  • A PCI Express graphics card with NVIDIA GeForce 7 Series HDCP capable GPU, secure HDCP CryptoROM, and 256MB graphics memory
  • WHQL-certified NVIDIA ForceWare drivers with PureVideo HD
  • An optical disc drive that supports Blu-ray or HD DVD movie playback
  • Blu-ray or HD DVD player software from CyberLink, InterVideo or Nero
  • An HDCP-compliant display
  • A dual-core CPU with 1GB of RAM

The PureVideo HD technology provides hardware acceleration for decoding H.264, VC-1, WMV, and MPEG-2, allowing the PCs resources to be dedicated to other tasks. Nvidia has also set up a dedicated website to help consumers find compliant hardware here.

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