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Oppo Digital has recently launched their next-generation up-converting universal DVD player, the DV-981HD. The successor to the popular (and highly rated) OPDV971H, the DV-981HD offers HD up-conversion to 720p/1080i/1080p, SACD, DVD-Audio/Video, DCDi by Faroudja and support for DivX. The retail price for the unit will be around $229.00. We're hoping to bring you a full review of this player in the near future, but until then why not feast your eyes on the full specs and a number of images?

Universal DVD Player Features:

  • DVD-Audio, Super Audio CD (SACD) and DVD-Video universal playback
  • Compatible with Audio CD, HDCD, WMA, Kodak Picture CD, and other digital audio/video/picture media and formats
  • Official DivX® Certified product, certified to the Home Theater Profile
  • Plays all versions of DivX® video (including DivX® 6) with standard playback of DivX® media files
  • Plays XviD and .SRT, .SMI, .IDX and .SUB format

Video Up-Conversion Features:

  • High definition up-conversion with film-like picture quality to up-convert 720x480 interlaced video encoded on DVD discs to 480p/720p/1080i and 1080p
  • DCDi by Faroudja video processing technology with progressive scan, film mode detection, TrueLife™ enhancement and motion adaptive noise reduction
  • Video is analyzed on a single pixel granularity to detect presence or absence of angled lines and edges, which are then processed to produce a smooth natural looking image without visible artefacts (jaggies)
  • High-quality pure digital video and audio through a single HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cable
  • Multiple high definition video formats through HDMI output: NTSC: 480p/720p/1080i/1080p; PAL: 576p/720p/1080i/1080p
  • Compatible with HDTV, HD-Ready TV, HDTV monitors and projectors with an HDMI or DVI input
  • Direct PAL/NTSC disc and TV compatibility and system conversion
  • For more information about DVD video up-conversion, please read our white paper article Getting the Most out of DVD on an HDTV Display
  • Supports screen aspect ratio 4:3 (standard) and 16:9 (wide-screen)
  • User adjustable video controls: Sharpness, Contrast, Brightness, and Saturation
  • Composite video and S-Video outputs (standard-definition output only)

Optimized Audio Features:

  • High-resolution multi-channel digital audio output through HDMI supporting CD, DVD-Audio, SACD, Dolby Digital and DTS sound tracks
  • Individual analog 5.1-channel surround and down-mixed stereo outputs
  • 24-bit, 192kHz high resolution audio D/A converters
  • Optical and coaxial digital audio outputs with DTS, Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro-Logic II and Linear PCM support
  • 3D Surround (Virtual Surround): Concert, Live, Dance, Techno, Classic, Soft
  • Built-in equalizer, channel trim and channel delay functions

Compatibility Features:

  • PAL/NTSC disc and TV compatible with automatic or manual system conversion
  • Compatible with CD-R/RW, DVD±R/RW and DVD+R DL* (* playability of self-recorded discs may vary depending on media and formatting software types)
  • Dual-laser optical pick-up head with excellent error correction
  • Enhanced dual-layer disc support with fast layer change
  • Wide range universal power supply (~100V-240V, 50/60Hz AC)

Convenience Features:

  • Special disc tray - thin, flexible and strong. Can tolerate some bending without breaking
  • Smooth and easy navigation of photo albums, music collections and video files on DVD and CD
  • Selectable subtitle and audio tracks
  • Discrete ON/OFF remote control IR code for programmable universal remote controls


  • HDMI - High Definition Multimedia Interface: 1
  • Analog Stereo Audio (Mixed 2-Channel Left/Right): 1 group (2 connectors)
  • Analog 5.1 Channel Audio: 1 group (6 connectors)
  • S/PDIF (IEC-958) Coaxial Digital Audio: 1
  • S/PDIF (IEC-958) Optical Digital Audio: 1
  • Composite Video: 1
  • S-Video: 1
  • No Component Video (YPbPr/YCbCr) on the DV-981HD model. This model is designed for use with a display device with HDMI or DVI digital video input

Accessories Included:

  • High-quality certified HDMI cable with gold-plated HDMI connectors
  • Remote control with "glow in the dark" keypad (batteries included)
  • Stereo audio cable
  • Composite video cable
  • User manual and warranty information

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