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CyberLink has informed us that in the last couple of days, variations of their PowerDVD software have gone through a series of successful tests at separate labs at the DVD Forum and Blu-ray Disc Testing Center - allowing them to display the appropriate logos.

Yesterday they announced that tests conducted by a Class A Verification Laboratory of the DVD Forum, now permits PowerDVD HD DVD to carry the HD DVD logo. Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink commented, "The confirmation of format verification for HD DVDs, ensures that PowerDVD HD DVD remains the premiere software for high-definition interactive HD DVD movie playback on the PC."

In a separate announcement, Cyberlink stated today that the Blu-ray tests, conducted by the Blu-ray Disc Testing Center, allow PowerDVD BD Edition to carry the Blu-ray Disc logo. Alice went on to say, "With the current roll-out of Hollywood discs and drives supporting the Blu-ray Disc format, CyberLink is excited to now offer a complete suite of software for burning and playing Blu-ray Discs. Passing the testing requirements for the Blu-ray Disc logo is yet another major milestone for PowerDVD, which still remains the premiere playback software for enjoying movies on the PC."

These test are a further step towards seeing Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD playback on Windows based PCs, which could end up being one of the first options for running a dual format player. In addition to this announcement, other software from Cyberlink also passed the certification for BD including their authoring software - PowerProducer.

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