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This classic British chiller is the horrifying true story of serial killer John Christie, played to unnerving effect by Richard Attenborough. When Timothy Evans (John Hurt) and his wife (Judy Geeson) rent a tiny room in Christie s terraced house, they are unaware that they have sealed their fates and that they will fall foul of Christie's perverse and murderous scheme.

Shot in the original street where Christie's crimes were perpetrated, Richard Fleischer's stark, unsensational depiction uses exteriors from the actual house as part of its grim recreation of the events.
[Taken from Official Synopsis]


The image here is dark and broody with black levels that are noticeable strong because of that the a lot of detail can get a little lost in the darkness. That however is a minor thing for an otherwise fantastic looking image with all its strong colours natural looking skin tones natural no visible damage whatsoever.

Wider areas of sky can highlight the grain a little bit but the film is otherwise crisp and clean and despite the age of the film this disc manages to make it look fresh and clean in this new 4k restored HD presentation. The style of the film is generally quite beige, grey and brown with its 40s setting and 60s era of film-making however with that said the film is very well lit and keeps the image is great to look throughout despite its age.


The audio track here is clean without any sense of damage at all. Dialogue is consistently clear, free from hiss or crackle and while the film doesn't really deal in dynamic sound effects, the everyday sounds of feet on floor boards or shuffling blankets and clinking cutlery give the track the extra it of realism it strives for and of course Attenborough’s voice is all you really needs to put the chills in your here even though the score backing the performance up is equally unnerving and well placed within the track.


The first Commentary by Judy Geeson is actually with a host and a screenwriter involved and largely interview based as opposed to scene specific but makes for a great listen along to accompany the film.

The second commentary with John Hurt is more of a peek behind the curtain of the making of the film with a lot of technical talk about achieving elements in scenes and of course his own stories from the set.

the 'Sir Richard Attenborough Introduction' (01:29 HD) followed by the 'Interview' (22:25 HD) are both warm, thoughtful and full of wonderful stories regarding the film legend's career and the role in this film specifically.

'Being Beryl' (22:09 HD) has a chat with Judy Geeson as she discussed the film.

Last up is the Theatrical Trailer, Isolated Score and the Image Gallery.

10 Rillington Place is a fantastic film that focuses on the mundane man down the street that is killing women and feeding his perversions while doing it. It's chilling and unnerving to watch and Attenborough forges the template of the modern movie serial killer and really must have caused a stir when this film was released due to it being a very raw and uncomfortable watch in its darkest moments. The performance is simply years ahead of its time and easy to see where Hopkin's Hannibal Lector drew some inspiration, with the complex intensity on show here. The disc looks great  with some minor issues in the darker elements of the image, the audio is fresh and clean and very impressive really and the selections of extras does a great job and broadening our knowledge of the film. This one comes highly recommended.

* Note: The images below are taken from the Blu-ray release and resized for the page. Full-resolution captures are available by clicking individual images, but due to .jpg compression they are not necessarily representative of the quality of the transfer.
 10 Rillington Place
 10 Rillington Place
 10 Rillington Place
 10 Rillington Place
 10 Rillington Place
 10 Rillington Place