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Ok, lets be honest with each other. Arnold Schwarzenegger cannot act. Does this matter? In my opinion, not at all, because although he has the acting ability of a melon, he has a strange kind of appeal that a lot of ‘good’ actors lack. The movies he stars in don’t tend to be bad either, infact, most are damn good, and The 6th Day is Arnolds big return to the world of action movies, after taking a break from them for a couple of years.

6th Day, The
Mr Schwazenegger plays Adam, a man living in the not too distant future that seems to have pretty much everything, a loving wife, 2 great children, a nice home and a comfortable well paid job at ‘Double X Charter’. Infact, everything was going great for him….up until the appearance of his clone. From then on in, things start going steadily downhill for Adam, and the movie focuses on his fight for survival! Helping Adam, is his co-worker Hank, played by Michael Rapaport (Deep Blue Sea, Copland), together the two seek to find out what has happened, although things aren’t quite as they seem, as you will soon discover...

Michael Drucker (Tony Goldwyn) is the man in charge of Repet, a cloning facility for animals. He is also the man responsible for the accidental cloning of Adam, and now that there are two Adam’s on the loose he arranges for one of them to be killed before he gets caught by the authorities for a violation of the ‘6th Day’ law. Unfortunately for the ‘real’ Adam…it’s him that they are planning on killing! The ‘6th Day’ law is based on the fact that in the Bible, God created man on the 6th Day, and he was ‘pleased with what he saw’ Any attempt at cloning a human is highly illegal. The brains behind the cloning scheme at Repet is Griffin (Robert Duvall), a troubled genius, struggling to come to terms with his own wife’s slow death through illness. However, the cloning at Repet is just the public face of the company, behind closed doors, it is apparent that cloning of humans is highly active, as Adam will soon discover…

I have to admit, I did quite enjoy this film. There’s nothing better than a decent excuse to watch some mindless action, especially if it involves Mr Schwazenegger. However, this film is quite a bit more than just ‘mindless’ action, Robert Duvall’s character adds a really unique perspective on things. Although his wife is dying, and he has all the technology available to him to make her better through ‘cloning’, because of her request not to be cloned again he chooses to let her die. A lot of critics didn’t think that this aspect of the film was needed, however I thought that it was definitely one of the highlights of the movie, as despite all of the technology available to him, the love was so intense between him and his wife that he would rather let her go than bring her back against her will. It’s not the kind of film that Robert Duvall would get an Oscar nomination for, but he certainly deserves a good pat on the back for a job well done!

6th Day, The
Arnold Schwazenegger himself is also definitely improving as an actor, there were a few points during the film, that he truly came across as a man experiencing what he was onscreen…however, more often than not the usual dry delivery rose its head, but not enough to put you off seeing the film. Arnold is probably half the reason I wanted to watch this film anyway! As an action film, ‘The 6th Day’ doesn’t disappoint, and its special effects do impress on a number of occasions. The one point in the film that stood out to me was the extremely impressive helicopter sequences for ‘Double X Charter’, it was quite exciting watching 2 futuristic helicopters, one of which being piloted by remote control, glide between mountains at low altitude! Great stuff! The rest of the action tends to take place during the night, which unfortunately so many films tend to go for these days…in most cases its so the special effects don’t look quite as dodgy, however I think this film really deserved better. Because of this fact, I found it quite hard to see some of the action in the earlier scenes, especially during the car chase midway through the movie, though it does improve later on.

6th Day, The
The picture quality on this anamorphic transfer is top notch. I noticed no break-up whatsoever; neither did I notice any signs of damage or imperfection, and its presented immaculately in its original aspect ratio of 2.35:1. Much of ‘The 6th Day’ takes place during the night, so I cannot really comment on the colours of the film for a large percentage, though they do look extremely sharp during the helicopter sequences through the mountains.

The sound is also very good, and the Dolby 5.1 does the film justice. This disk doesn’t come with a DTS track, which could have complimented this film very well considering the amount of action sequences, and large use of surround sound, however I shouldn’t complain too much as the 5.1 track still does a good job. Overall though, I can’t complain about the sound quality, everything is as it should be on a new release such as this.

6th Day, The
The 6th Day isn’t exactly crammed with special features. Personally I was hoping to see some ‘Making Of’ documentaries, especially in regard to the helicopter sequences which was definitely the highlight of the movie for me, however we don’t get any documentary’s. What we do get is 4 theatrical trailers, one for ‘The 6th Day’, ‘Final Fantasy’, ‘Hollow Man’ and finally ‘Gattaca’. Accompanying the trailers are a couple of TV spots related to the movies RePet sequences, both TV spots are taken directly from the film, one of which is the advert shown on the television towards the start of the movie. This is a nice little novelty, but not much more, you’re not likely to want to watch it more than once or twice.

Also on the disc, is a feature length commentary by the Composer Trevor Rabin which comes complete with an isolated music score. I certainly liked the inclusion of the isolated music score, as I did enjoy some of the musical pieces during the film, it’s a shame not many other films tend to include isolated film scores as they are a nice addition. The commentary unfortunately isn’t quite as inspiring. The music doesn’t flow throughout the entire film, so because of this there are lots of pauses in the commentary, the composer doesn’t tend to comment on the film at all, only on the music. Finally you have the Talent files which are pretty much standard on DVD’s these days, its occasionally quite interesting to read about some of the actors in a film, and in this case I did use it to read a little more about Robert Duvall, who continues to impress me as an actor. One thing that I did notice on the back of the box is the inclusion of Production Notes, however they didn’t appear to be on the disc which was a bit of a disappointment, mislabelling appears to be becoming slightly more frequent of late. Overall, I wasn’t overly impressed with the extra’s side of things, it looks like the Region 2 disk of the film is set to get a slightly better treatment, with several documentary’s included. That doesn’t really help me much though does it?!

6th Day, The
Overall, I would thoroughly recommend this film, if you like Arnold Schwarzenegger, the chances are that you will like this film. The extras are the only main disappointment here. By the way, I feel that I should point out that this disc is another RCE disk like Charlie’s Angels, so please be sure to check that your player is capable of playing these discs before purchasing!