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Angels One Five is a dramatisation showing the day to day life in an RAF fighter station during the Battle of Britain. Set in the Summer of 1940, a squadron of Hurricanes are followed as they take on the massive wave of Luftwaffe fighters and bombers that are intent on breaking down Britain's defences as a prequel to a German invasion. Without the bravery of these pilots Britain may well have been invaded.


With a combination of stock footage, location shoots and the more conventional on set elements Angles One Five has a fair mix of shooting techniques to contend with and the HD presentation here nails it.

There's a minimal sense of grain, the odd flicker and a vague sense of damage but generally speaking this is a fantastic restoration that had had an in-depth clean up. The black and white image holds a crisp detailed look with a strong glow and a real sense this clean up has provided the film with a fresh new home.

The well lit interior shots hold up the best with exterior shots looking a little more washed out under bright sunlight. Even so, across the board, whether stock footage, rear projection effects or location shoots, this presentation provides a strong black and white experience that the celebrates the film and indeed the real world events it's based on very well.


The mono track is of course small and central but it's clean and clear and free of hiss. Fighter plane engines rumble nicely, exterior scenes hold a little bit of natural ambience and bigger moments feel impactful even if they don't hammer home like a modern production. It's of course and older, simpler track but those limitations are the only thing holding this track back because technically it's fantastic given the film's age.


'Max Arthur On The Battle of Britain' (12:26 HD) gives an ever so brief overview of the lead in to The Battle of Britain and it's various elements.

'Restoration Comparison' (01:48 HD) highlights plenty of scenes and how the visuals have been restored. From damage to general sharpness a greqt deal has been enhanced to greqt results.

Last up is the film's trailer.


Angels One Five is sort of slow and not exactly a Battle of Britain battle heavy film, it's happier to sit back at the base and follow those in control of the fighter pilots and the events around their missions. This approach gives the film a chance to play with characters rather than spectacle and that presents a strong human view of these world changing events. The beautifully shot images of the fighter planes are again quite laid back and certainly only hint at the intensity these aerial battles must have held bit there's quite a strong sense of realism to that and even with the aged effects it works.

The disc itself looks and sounds great but with minimal extras, it's not exactly an all around celebration of classic filmmaking or indeed the events that take place in the film like it might have been with more.

 Angels One Five
 Angels One Five
 Angels One Five
 Angels One Five
 Angels One Five
 Angels One Five