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Welcome to the most exciting and sensual city in the world... Rio De Janeiro!

Upon arriving in exotic Rio, long-time friends Matthew (Michael Caine) and Victor (Joseph Bologna) and their teenage daughters (Demi Moore and Michelle Johnson) look forward to unwinding in the sun.
However when Matthew's unwinding ends up with him getting in on with his best friend's teenage daughter, there's only one thing to blame it on... Rio.

 Blame It On Rio
Well, just when you thought the opening credits and the film's light hearted theme song wasn't odd enough, Michael Caine begins telling us directly of this little mishap he had. Told initially via a series of story telling talking head shots from Caine and Johnson, the pair tell us of how they had a holiday to remember. A holiday that involved a middle aged man having an affair with his best friend's teenage daughter.

How teenaged you ask? Well I assumed 18 (though the actress was 17 at the time and had to gain permission from a judge to do her topless scenes) but there's a whole lot of talk of her just having her recently having her retainer taken out and they play heavy on just how young this girl is. Oh wait, did I forget to mention this isn't a serious drama dealing with a young girl being taken advantage of? Oh no. it's actually a light hearted comedy?! Did I miss that part? Well it is and somehow it makes this frankly odd film even stranger by today's standard on this subject, though it is based on a French film Un moment d'égarement, so that makes a little more sense, given their history with this sort of romantic entanglements on film.  

 Blame It On Rio
To me, Michael Caine was sort of lost in this era, at least in the mainstream view which is almost just Zulu, Get Carter and then Alfred in Nolan's Batman. I don't really know much of his career outside of the odd highlight (and Jaws: The Revenge) but here he reminds me a whole bunch of Nicholas Cage, when Cage is set to full bafflement mode. He makes some really odd character choices and adds quirks that never quite fly, while seemingly being oblivious to how this frowned upon relationship might play to potential audience for the film with his sort of flippant attitude at times. He talks in classic Michael Caine mode, with the beats that are a little off and almost feel amateur, has the classic curly hair and huge glasses and this comedy is almost so weird it almost feels as if it could never possibly have been made.

But of course it did get made (in 1984) and I have to say it's a movie I probably wont ever forget. It's sort of like a Woody Allen film without the class, like an 80s teen comedy with the teens replaced by grown men, but the girls kept teen and even when this affair comes out, it doesn't turn into a massive drama, it sticks to being quirky and quick witted and honestly it notches up the oddness to another degree because characters don't seem to be losing their minds enough over this relationship.

 Blame It On Rio


Blame it On Rio is set in a bright, sunny location, so it's a bright affair mostly but it rarely captures the heat. The image is grainy but it's fairly clean and the odd neon light glows off of the screen from time to time (mainly in Michael Caine's bedroom - nice decorating choice). Colours remain natural, skin tones too and the whole film is fairly fresh looking despite its relative softness.

Black levels vary between a bit washed out and quite good in brighter scenes but its never a solid affair really and the image's sharpness suffers because of it. The brighter the scene the better it looks, so beach scenes and daytime walks hold up better than shadier scenes bathed in shadow. Night interior scenes suffer from a gauze of grain a whole lot more than most but there's never any real issues with the image beyond its age. Basically for this trip to Rio don't expect to get a tan or anything, it seems a bit cloudy even in HD.

 Blame It On Rio


the audio track is timid at best and that super cheesy soundtrack is the only thing that really does much in the way of raising volume levels. Dialogue is clean and crisp and there's the odd bit of ambience but its a pretty thin track in terms of layers. An odd chirping bird adds a bit of depth to the track but again, it's slight.

In all honesty, this small quirky situation comedy hasn't got a lot to do in the audio department and keeps things as simple and as light as possible. The track itself still sounds pretty dated but its more the era of the film because technically its fine with no issues at all really, it just has nothing to show off.

 Blame It On Rio


The only extra is the trailer., I guess no one really wanted to talk about the Michael Caine underage girl sexy comedy he once did.

 Blame It On Rio


I'd like to say Blame it on Rio is uniquely 80s but I'm not sure there's anything else quite so odd as plot revolving around a middle-aged guy sleeping with the teenage daughter of their best friend, that's played this much for laughs. Add to that the fact it never really gets resolved seriously either makes this a proper strange little film, especially by modern standards. I'm pretty sure the same film wouldn't get made today but even in the 80s this one must have played strangely. Anyway, oddness aside, the video and audio are okay for the film's age and clear lack of fanbase and unsurprisingly there's no extras but those wanting to see a Michael Caine movie no one probably believes exists should have fun.