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In the not so distant future fuel is too expensive for the average Joe to buy any more and even truckers have given up delivering food to small towns. Archie (Mike Brune), a vegan, buys his wheatgrass from the local vegetarian booth, run by Lorraine ( My Girls all grown up Anna Chlumsky) and with it he tries to create fuel to run his car. One night he cuts himself and the smallest drop of blood makes his invention work. Figuring out his car can actually run on human blood, Archie gets his car going and because he has a set of wheels becomes a big hit with the ladies but how many people does he have to keep killing to keep his Blood Car running?

Blood Car
Blood Car is a super low budget comedy/horror movie, with all the super low budget problems you'd expect. Iffy acting, cheap looking sets and just kinda silly but I have to say it still managed to have charm.

There's a madness to it. It's got a weird sense of humour, it plays with reality a whole lot and it's not afraid to get stupid. There are crazy sex scenes, blunt crude dialogue and an attempt at a love story in amongst all the madness. Mike Brune, the lead, plays Archie in ways that aren't all that real but they are pretty funny. The scene showing him, a vegan, unwillingly killing dogs with his air rifle made me chuckle and the scenes where he questions his own sanity were quite amusing. There's also a very short sex scene montage that really made me grin in places.

Blood Car
The film gets more and more crazy and by the end Blood Car shifts from playing it level to being a homage to the brightly coloured craziness that is Oliver Stone's Natural Born KIllers. This movie also winds up somewhere a whole lot darker than I thought it would and even though it stays pretty silly it was good that it took an unexpected turn.

Blood Car


Initially Blood Car looks like VHS. Bleeding bright colours clog up the frame and the whole thing looks washy. It gets better from time to time with its digital looks but the boosted colours never look all that great, especially some of the seemingly photoshopped blue skies. There's also a scene that seems to be shot very early in the morning and it just looks awful with the lack of natural light. Details hold up well enough with skin, clothes and set dressing looking natural under the super bright lighting and the Natural Born Killers style scene towards the end turn up the colour in weird and almost wonderful ways.

Blood Car


The classical score elevates the low budget flick beyond what you'd expect and the more rock /pop based stuff adds a bit of drive to the largely silly plot. Generally ambience sounds good, tweeting birds, classroom noise and engine revs all work well but some the sound effects can sound hollow. There's also an issue with the recording. At first I thought it was just an effect to make the car that runs on blood sound monstrous but it seems to spread through everything. Motorbike engines, interior car scenes and any added sound effects  can have a wobbly feel to them with a very digital pitch running through it.

Blood Car


We start with trailer for more low budget features Memory Lane, Monstro, Subsource, The Harsh Light of Day, The People I've Slept With as well as an ad for Scream Magazine.

For a low budget flick, the DVD is actually pretty loaded. The Director and cast commentary isn't as fun as I expected it to be but it's still quite amusing in places, balancing all you need to know about the production. The second commentary by  R. Thorpe is a fake film historian track and it's very amusing.

There's a huge behind the scenes featurette, mostly covering the shoot(41:31) and a small one on the effects in the film: 'Blake Makes Blood' (17:13).

'Brune for President' (03:43) is a behind the scenes read that also feels like it's intercut with rehearsal footage. There's also a 'Short Film' (08:43)and a selection of trailers.

Blood Car


Blood Car is pretty insane. It's got plenty of blood, plenty of sex and plenty of girls (including Anna Chlumsky, the only real 'face' in the movie). The humour is odd but it works for the most part and the same can be said about the low budget horror in general. Blood Car just about cuts it as 'good' and with a solid collection of extras this isn't a bad little package for those who don't mind a bit of lo-fi comedy/horror.