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Throwing us straight into the action, we meet Jules Taylor (WWE wrestler Trish Stratus) as she's caught in a stand off with a gun pointed at her head. We then switch to ten hours earlier and discover what led to this bounty hunt gone wrong.

"One step closer and I'll shoot the wrestler!"
Having a WWE star in a movie about bounty hunting it comes as little surprise that there are three fight scenes within the first nine minutes of this low rent actioner. What does come as a surprise however is that despite the iffy acting, the cheap visuals and everyone fighting like they are wrestlers, most of the fights are actually pretty well done. The big opener that has Jules fighting a big, fairly typical looking wrestler type in a gym has plenty of  Black Widow style thigh twists, lots of holds and punches and while a lot of it feels a little too choreographed for its own good sometimes, it still packs quite a punch.

The set up here is pretty darn cliche. Three bounty hunters doing their day to day job when they get an inside tip of a bounty that could make them some real cash. Of course, our lead, Jules, is a single mum and yes, of course she also works in a strip club (this suddenly feels like a project Pam Anderson would have done in her prime, right). It's all very low budget and not at all subtle in its intentions (hot girls, plenty of swearing, guns and kick ass fights) and while this shows nothing in regards to future promise on the big screen from anyone involved it's quite fun in places.

This is a fight scene...honest.
Boomer Phillips plays Chase (the joke cracker in the team) and is quite a funny guy here. His wise cracks actually hit a lot of the time and despite my instincts telling me otherwise, I actually quite liked Trish Stratus and her ability to kick serious ass. The middle of the film gets a little repetitive and the pace really slows down to fill out the short seventy six minute runtime beyond the forty minutes this tale could have fit into but the end has our lead ass kicker going head to head with an Asian killer so it all picks up again before the 'nothing like the movies style but still pretty funky' credits roll around.

Hey, is it me or is this movie duller when our girl isn't fighting someone?


Bounty Hunters comes with a soft digital look, with darker backgrounds and brightly lit actors. The camera loves Stratus's midriff, bust and ass and there are many over fetishised shots of all three. The movie is generally dark in tone with plenty of blues in the primarily nightime setting. Colours can be little washy but skin tones hold up well throughout. Generally speaking, the visuals here are akin to many low budget actioners and indeed run of the mill modern porn.

Chick fight in an ambulance.


The Dolby Digital track provides crisp central dialogue with a pretty generic low rent action flick score dotting around the rear speakers. The odd punch has a good thump to it bass wise and there's the occasional bit of rockier score that spreads itself out a bit more but this all feels very much like all the other low budget, straight to dvd action flicks on the market and keeps everything fairly routine.

My, what dirty trainers she's wearing.


There's nothing on here features wise beyond the disc opening with trailers for Blood Out, The Next Three Days and Screwed.

Job done. Who we hunting next?


Bounty Hunters is another typical straight to DVD actioner with a wrestler in it however it does have some solid fight scenes (when they don't feel so staged) and there's generally a fun, playful mood to it, making it an easy seventy odd minute watch even if you'll take nothing away from the experience. Video and audio are good but do nothing beyond the basics and there's no extras, so the excitement ends for anyone who might be a fan of WWE star Trish Stratus.