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ENJOY THE FUN WITH EDDIE MURPHY AND STEVE MARTIN TOGETHER FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE HIT COMEDY BOWFINGER. How does Bobby Bowfinger (Steve Martin), Hollywood s least successful director, get Kit Ramsey (Eddie Murphy), Hollywood s biggest star, in his ultra low-budget film? Any way he can. With an ingenious scheme and the help of Kit s eager and nerdy brother Jiff, an ambitious and sexy wannabe (Heather Graham) and an over-the-hill diva (Christine Baranski), Bowfinger sets out to trick Kit Ramsey into the performance of a lifetime. [Official Synopsis]



The HD presentation for Bowfinger is a warm, L.A. sunlit affair. For interior and exterior scenes alike, the image has a well lit, often with an orange glow warming skin tones and popping reds and oranges off the screen.  Edges are sharp, especially in interior scenes and only soften up in a handful of exterior scenes and dimmer lit interior elements. The exterior shots often present a much flatter image to the better handled exterior ones and at their worst have some softer edges and muddier colour representation.

I actually rewatched Bowfinger fairly recently on DVD, so I'm way more aware of enhancements here. This is a completely clear upgrade to go for if you like the film. The image is fresh, clean and even though it's not a total success in those exterior scenes, its leaps and bounds ahead what the DVD release managed.



The 5.1 track isn't show off stuff but it does the trick where it needs to. Music is strong throughout, dialogue consistently clear and crisp and the balance between the two elements works well. More ambient sounds such as the chimes in the Mindhead building sit well in the surrounds and some of the street life widens the track a bit too. The show off road crossing scene throws a bit more at us but generally this is a low key affair that more about the chuckles than the 5.1 presentation.



The commentary with Franz Oz likes specifying the movie magic and the time between cuts and what isn't in the film. Oz hypes his cast and crew and it's a pleasant enough listen along.

Spotlight of Location (23:56 SD) is the original DVD making of and as fluffy as you’d expect, same goes for the dated Deleted Scenes (05:21 SD) and the Outtakes (02:50 HD) reel. Wrapping up is the 'Theatrical Trailer'.



Both Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy have been in better films over the years for sure but I can't think of much since Bowfinger where either have thrived on their craft quite as constantly as they do here. Steve Martin is the likeable goof and has plenty of quirky little moments with other characters that highlight just how great he can be on both the subtle and wacky levels he plays in. Eddie Murphy is fast talking gold as frustrated and paranoid Kit Ramsey (honestly his conversations with Terrence Stamp kill me every time) and his second performance as Kitt's brother Jiff enables Eddie to play on both ends of his scale )which sadly just remind me how unused he is lately). I love Bowfinger, it gets even better with age (which can't be said for many comedies), the entire cast rock, I especially adore Heather Graham in this and she bounces off of Steve Martin extremely well.  The disc is a solid enough upgrade to give you an excuse to revisit film even if it's the same old extras from the DVD release.

* Note: The above images are taken from the Blu-ray and resized for the page. Full-resolution captures are available by clicking individual images, but due to .jpg compression they are not necessarily representative of the quality of the transfer.