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Camille 2000 tells the story of Armand (Nino Castelnuovo)and his love affair with a party girl. During s trip to Rome Armand is attempting to to find a woman to spend some time with and his friend introduces him to Marguerite (Danièle Gaubert).

 Camille 2000
Marguerite isn't looking for love. Instead she just wants to have fun and keep her high going for as long as possible in order to avoid thinking about her situation in life. Armand finds himself mixing with the high society and wealthy young adults looking for sexual encounters wherever they can get them. There's lots of drink and drugs, lots of partying, lots of flirting and of course a fair bit of sex.

Desire, attraction and passion builds between Marguerite and Armand and we begin to find out that Marguerite has a dark past and her current situation is controlled by another. As she falls more in love with Armand the story almost becomes about a prince rescuing a princess held against her will and really it's this element that becomes more compelling than the multiple sex scenes with hot sixties chicks.

 Camille 2000
The more erotic than graphic sex scenes here are arty and romanticised with relatively tasteful imagery by today's standards. There's also an effort to make the encounters about the characters rather than the sexual acts, so the scenes don't always feel shoehorned in for effect.

The multiple sex scenes, whether they are tender, playful or with a dark edge, are very much a celebration of the female form. For the most part however these all come out of quite a romantic tale, even if it is between some pretty deluded characters who have a flimsy grasp on what love is or isn't and what living your life really consists of. Even with that said, it doesn't retract from the playful dialogue here. Marguerite is full of sadness and has an emptiness about her that lends itself to deep thoughts on what love may be or what life holds for people like her, so for a movie largely based in eroticism it still packs a fair punch dramatically.

 Camille 2000


The opening scene on the stairs is gritty and full of dancing grain and it doesn't bold well for the presentation. Cutting to day time, the image is much better but it's still far from impressive by modern standards largely due to the gritty texture the grain provides to the image.

The image is notably boosted in HD glory but specks and print damage have various levels of distraction as the film progresses. The image isn't always all that sharp but detail seems to make full use of the HD upgrade. Costume textures, skin tones and sets look very good. Colours are generally natural and only occasionally have boosts in the pinker side of things and even though there's the occasional wobble to the frame, it's barely noticeable beyond one big judder in one scene.

Fans of the nudity in the film may be pleased to know many of the see through costumes are as see through as they come in 1080p and really this is an HD transfer that looks well restored but still has a way to go.

 Camille 2000


The largely out of sync re-dubbed dialogue is strong and central in this LPCM track. Backing this up is the very European score which is playful and strong but some of the higher pitches can sound a little shrill and unpleasant. Atmospheric sounds such as crowds and city ambience can get lost behind the central dialogue and it's really only the sex scenes that get a nice balance between sounds, music and dialogue as the set up of two people alone in a quiet room lends itself to a more focused audio presentation.

 Camille 2000


The Commentary by director Radley Metger and Michael Bowen has quite a few chunks of extended silence but the pair have a lot of love for the film and their admiration comes out of the knowledgeable and detailed track. There's a lot about the technical approach to the film, mainly the camera tricks (there's a great deal of use of mirror reflections in the sex scenes) and shooting challenges as well as the film's limited success.

'On The Set of Camille 2000' (30:39 HD) is old footage of the shoot with occasional narration.

'Sylvian's Complete Striptease' (02:47 HD) is more raw footage of an extended scene.

'Cube Love Scene' (01:52 HD) is an alternative version of one of the film's sex scenes.

The 'Restoration of Camille 2000' (06:28 HD) shows various examples of the sizeable restoration to the film and what's been improved over the years.

Lastly there's a trailer for Camille 2000, The Lickerish Quartet and Score.

 Camille 2000


Camille 2000 offered up way more drama than I expected from it. The story perfectly balances sex with drama and genuinely gives us a couple that are getting drawn closer and closer together, even when we know they would probably be better off apart at times. The disc is lacking when lined up against modern titles but for a small cult favourite from 1969, the presentation is borderline impressive especially after you watch the restoration featurette on the extras.