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The 70s classic, Car Wash takes an irreverent but affectionate look at a typical day in a Los Angeles car wash. An ensemble piece which interweaves the lives of employees, customers and passers-by. With a selection of stars and cameo roles, including George Carlin, "Professor" Irwin Corey, The Pointer Sisters and of course Richard Pryor as Daddy Rich, Car Wash, with its funky disco tunes and wacky situations remains a cult classic even now.


The video presentation for Car Wash looks clean and thrives on its new Blu-ray home. Edges are nice and sharp, colours natural, with reds popping all over the place. I was actually quite surprised with how good the film looked here if I'm honest, this is another film I've probably only ever watched on late night TV broadcasts, so this HD spin was like a whole new experience.

There's a tiny presence of damage, blips pop around the frame from time to time but it's super minimal. The image here is otherwise faultless, presenting a very clean, modern feeling viewing of the 70s cult classic without losing the charm of the period's style.It's not a stunning remaster but it's still an impressive one for such a minimal release.


The stereo track is a little muffled when there's a lot going on, such as shouting or dialogue in wider real world locations. The track is otherwise crisp and of course the songs sound fantastic (though sometimes a little tinny), really bringing the track to life when it needs it.

Once again this track feels cleaned up and given a modern tidy without losing the feel the film has always had. Retaining the stereo track rather than stretching too thinly over a 5.1 track was probably a good thing in the case of Car Wash. Everything feels tight and nostalgic and a whole lot of fun.


The commentary with Michael Schultz is slowly paced with a lot of gaps between comments. It's a hard commentary to get into the flow of and only really offers nuggets of behind the scenes insights rather than interesting insights.


Car Wash still remains a unique experience made even more unique when you remember Joel Schumacher wrote it, which always baffles me. Hovering through a day in a work place with a funky soundtrack, this film never ceases to make me smile, I love how casual it all is, how odd character quirks are just accepted and everyone feels like family despite the bickering. The film captures something that's hard to depict sometimes, it somehow feels like a genuine workplace even with it's heightened situations, I really dig that about it. Despite its loose approach Car Wash continues to be an enjoyable watch even decades after its original release and even though the extras are less than minimal, its a solid A/V presentation, so worth the pick up.

* Note: The images in this review are taken from the Blu-ray and resized for the page. Full-resolution captures are available by clicking individual images, but due to .jpg compression they are not necessarily representative of the true quality of the source.

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