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They were hired killers going up against the deadliest force of all... Each other.

When a pair of mismatched hitmen the grizzled, experienced Cohen (Roy Scheider, Jaws, The French Connection) and the impetuous, psychopathic Tate (Adam Baldwin, Full Metal Jacket, Firefly) are tasked with snatching a young boy living under witness protection and transporting him to their boss in Houston, it seems like a simple enough job. But the pair quickly find that they’ve got more than they bargained for, with both the boy s unexpected resilience and their own incompatible personalities threatening to derail the entire mission. And, as the night wears on, their cross-state journey truly becomes the road trip from hell...

With Cohen & Tate, writer/director Eric Red (Body Parts, Bad Moon) constructs a truly nail-biting thriller recalling the atmosphere and motif of people driven to desperate lengths in order to survive also present in his script for the celebrated road horror classic The Hitcher. So buckle up for the road trip from hell as Cohen & Tate now shines like never before in this feature-packed, director-approved edition.
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Style wise there's no escaping the era this film was made in and the colour representation is as you'd expect really. Some strong primaries, with blue skies and red elements of clothing but everything else is a little drab in its natural appearance and doesn’t always give this HD remaster a lot to show off with.

Details wise, the image has some good edges and a fair bit of texture and in some cases it even has a nice bit of depth to the wider exterior scenes. Lighting is okay, giving the film a nice glow but not really springing the image to life like other presentations of films from this era can manage, because of that the film is never really striking but more "alright". Interior scenes often seem the most lacking with pinker skin tones and often times softer appearance.

Darker scenes hold up well with nothing really getting lost in the darkness, due to strong and well placed lighting. Wider city shots can get a little washy in appearance but the film focuses on its three core characters most of the time so the image remains consistently good with very little to undermine it.


The stereo track sometimes sounds a little thin but the balance of score and dialogue is good and when the score gets to its most intense there is a fair bit of power behind it. In general all dialogue elements are strong and central and the ambient sounds such as passing traffic and such fill out the stereo track to give an enhanced overhaul to an simple recording.


The commentary by Eric Red has the director running you though all the aspects of his film, from writing through production and beyond. He expands on all elements of the story and what parts worked and could have been improved on.

'A Look Back at Cohen & Tate' (20:43 HD) is led by Eric Red and repeats a fair bit of the commentary but makes for a good watch regardless. There's a lot of input from others connected to the film and core and more subtle elements of the film are all covered.

The 'Uncut and Extended Scenes' includes the Farmhouse Shootout and the Oilfield Shootout scenes in variant forms

Last up is the theatrical Trailer and a gallery.


Cohen & Tate is sort of like play dressed up in a Thriller's clothes. There's a lot of focus on the three core cast and their interactions. This gives the film an almost amateur feel at times, or at least more independent film feel because long periods of conversation paint these characters broadly to sell each of their characteristics between the odd bit of action.

The disc itself looks pretty good, sounds pretty good and has a solid batch of extras.

* Note: The images below are taken from the Blu-ray release and resized for the page. Full-resolution captures are available by clicking individual images, but due to .jpg compression they are not necessarily representative of the quality of the transfer.

 Cohen & Tate
 Cohen & Tate
 Cohen & Tate
 Cohen & Tate
 Cohen & Tate
 Cohen & Tate