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If I was to play a game and ask you to name the producer of Coyote Ugly I am sure that you would not come up with the name of Jerry Bruckheimer. Renowned for films like Gone in Sixty Seconds and The Rock, it is safe to say that the Bruckheimer is more of an action genius than a romantic comedy producer. Well can Coyote Ugly be anything more than a failed project? Read below and find out.

What chat up line shall I use?
Coyote Ugly is set in New York and follows the dream of Violet Stanford (Piper Perabo) to become a famous songwriter in the Big City. Before moving to New York Violet lived with her widow father Bill (John Goodman) in a small town. Her father and most of the town have never been to the city so are not keen for Violet to follow her dream. Violet finds it hard to adapt to hectic life of New York and finds it even harder to get recognised. Along the way she meets Kevin O’Donnell (Adam Garcia) who seems keen on her. Meanwhile Violet is desperate for a job and ends up taking a position in what seems like a friendly bar called “Coyote Ugly”. Her first night is certainly an eye opener as she finds out that the bar is one of the hottest venues in New York. Staff (Coyotes) are expected to dance on the bar to music and generally act lively. At first innocent Violet isn’t keen on the job but over time she grows to like the attention that goes with the job. This however brings complications, as her father and new boyfriend Kevin are not keen on her working there.

Coyote Ugly is essentially a girl goes to the big city, meets guy and falls in love. The couple have their problems but things work out ok in the end. You may be thinking that Coyote Ugly sounds too predictable but in fact the film works quite well. There are very few surprises on offer but the film flows well and is entertaining. The scenes in the bar are lively and will keep any red-blooded male happy. The staff in Coyote Ugly are all women and they dance around the bar in what can only be called the Dirty Dancing technique of the 90’s. The soundtrack for this movie is very good and includes such classics as Def Leppard's “Pour some sugar on me” and “Fly Away” by Lenny Kravitz.  LeAnn Rime sings most of the other songs and I am sure that you are familiar with her smash hit single “Can’t Fight the Moonlight”. This song appears in the movie towards the end so keep an eye out for it. Coyote Ugly is also amusing at times and John Goodman’s dance scene has to be seen to be believed!

I don't think anyone has told her it is dangerous to play with fire!
The Cast of Coyote Ugly is built up of mostly new comers. Piper Perabo and Adam Garcia both make their big screen debuts and are actually very good. It's fair to say that the script they worked from was not very taxing but there are enough signs throughout the movie to show that they have a promising future in the film industry. In my opinion the star of the movie is ‘Big’ John Goodman. As mentioned he plays Violet’s dad. Goodman must have a sense of humour as some of the scenes he gets involved in certainly create laughs at his expense.

Now onto the bad things about this movie. It is a little fake in that all the main characters except John Goodman are cute, pretty people, which is not a good advert for not so good-looking people amongst us. As mentioned above, the film doesn’t really offer anything new over other recent romantic movies. Coyote Ugly is certainly not a life changing experience but it is the sort of film, which you can sit down, watch and forget about all your worries. For Entertainment Value Coyote Ugly certainly scores highly.

Coyote Ugly is brought to us is a anamorphic widescreen presentation. The aspect ratio is 2.35:1 which happens to the original presentation. As you can imagine lots of the scenes in this movie are dark as most of it is set in a dark bar. Bearing that in mind the black level is near enough perfect with the picture as crisp as you are likely to see. I cannot really comment on how well the transfer deals with colours as the movie has very few daytime scenes to truly test the colour detail. Detail levels are exceptional and overall this is certainly a disc, which would not look out of place.  

Mirror, Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?
The audio part of this disc is pretty impressive, seeming as Coyote Ugly is not a new release. The soundtracks on offer are DTS 5.1, Dolby Digital 5.1 and French Language Track – 5.1 Surround. Coyote Ugly is a very loud film at times so the different soundtracks can be differentiated. The DTS version has slightly more bass but apart from that both versions are a good addition to the disc.

The are two commentaries included on this disc. The commentary advertised on the cover is by the director and producer of the movie. The second commentary is by the Coyotes and is labelled Coyote Commentary. Strangely this is not advertised on the box. The commentaries are completely different with the producer and director talking more about the movie whilst the coyote groups seem to be having fun and often talk about things completely irrelevant.

One of my favourite extras on this disc is titled Search for the stars. There are three sections covered in Search for the Stars. For each section the producer and director talk about the right person for each role and why they chose the end actors/actresses for the parts. The three sections are The Dreamer (Violet), The Coyotes (The staff in Coyote Ugly) and Mr O’Donnell. This extra is particularly enjoyable and is quite an original idea for an extra. It is the first time that I have seen it appear on a disc and I enjoyed it considerably.

Inside the songs talks about the songs included in the movie. There are lots of views in this section with even LeAnn Rimes getting involved. If you are a fan of the music in this film then this is a worthwhile addition. Lots of the songs were especially written for the movie so it is interesting to find out about them.

Also found on the disc is the interestingly named Action Overload. This is ideally named for a Jerry Bruckheimer film but sadly there is not much action involved. In fact this is really a trailer of some of the best parts of the movie. It also only runs at just over a minute long so in effect it is only a stocking filler. For fans that want that little bit extra there are also five deleted scenes so that you can catch up with some of the scenes that didn’t make it into the final edit.

Also included on the disc is the famous LeAnn Rimes Music Video “Can’t Fight the Moonlight and the standard Trailer.

Call me sad but I actually really enjoyed Coyote Ugly. It is not going to win any awards but for sheer entertainment it is first class. It has a lively soundtrack, hot women and an entertaining storyline. The disc is packed with lots of extras and the visual and audio elements are pretty impressive. This is a film that all ages and genders will enjoy. Sit back and watch a Bruckheimer film, which doesn’t have any violence.