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This is the third installment of the Dirty Harry series as well as my third review of these DVDs ... and boy, I had a good laugh on this outing.  Maybe it was the oversized collars, the overly moussed hair, or the "Harry Callahan interviewing the new police inspectors" sequence.  It's good that the filmmakers can laugh at themselves now and then but I doubt that they intended this to be a completely humourous film.  Having said that, The Enforcer has to be the funniest episode in this franchise that I've seen (unintentionally, I'm sure).

Seriously though, I was pissing myself throughout the film, I burst my drink out through my nose once.  Now, even though tanned vinyl jackets with brown velour pants were all the rage when this flick first came out, the one thing that always seems to remain timeless in any good (or bad) cop film is the S.W.A.T. team members uniforms.  They always wear sensible clothing and apparatus as well as short hair and no sideburns - smart people!

Enforcer, The
Now in terms of the movie itself, it seems that assembling some form of plot relies on the stupidity and gullibility of nearly all of its characters, so I'm afraid that makes this the worst effort in the series for me.  Made in 1976, this is the third Dirty Harry movie within five years of the first one.  Why it took another seven years to make Sudden Impact is no surprise to me at all.  I think the fans and the filmmakers lost faith in the franchise when The Enforcer was released ... if I'm wrong about this and the public were astounded by its incredible acting and intelligent storyline, I'll eat my brown moccassins right here and now.

Now everyone in this flick may be as dumb as flared plaid trousers with pockets in the knees, but not Harry Callahan and his new partner, Lacey ... er, Kate Moore, played by Tyne Daly.  With Callahan's hard-nosed approach to the law and Moore's eloquent knowledge of the law book, this makes for an unbeatable crime-fighting duo here!  Heck, if I knew that I could coerce a criminal into helping me by threatening to dob in his stash of stolen hotel room furnishings, I'd be mayor by now.

(Can anyone say "sarcasm" here?)

Well it had to happen ... Women in the police force!  What is this world coming to?  And a personnel worker whose made no arrests before!  Hey, Callahan isn't against females going on the beat with him, he just wants to make sure they don't get their asses blown off along with his.  Harry seems to be more concerned about the lovely ladies' welfare than the police force trying to push them out on the streets these days.  Women's rights, pffft!

So after depositing a few bullets and a police car into some heavily armed robbers at the local liquor store, Callahan is transferred to the Personnel Dept to interview some potential new Inspectors for what could potentially be his new partner.  He's then reinstated back to Homicide (even after his apparent major transgression of aggression) to investigate a ransom made on the city of San Fransisco, with threats to blow up parts of the town if the "People's Revolutionary Strike Force" don't get loads of money.  Buggered if I know what their cause is really all about, but hey, it's for the people!

Enforcer, The
This is on the same level of quality as Magnum Force down to the plastic looks on the actors' faces.  Blacks are solid and thankfully the night scenes were filmed with enough backlighting to highlight the important details.  Even the warehouse sequence first appears to be lost in the shadows but it's obvious that there is limited lighting in all the right places.

The colours are pronounced but not overdone, although the groovy colour schemes on the clothes and even the buildings themselves manage to project their own character (which is a laugh in itself sometimes).  Film artefacts are few and far between and the image is relatively sharp and clear.  Not perfect, but perfectly adequate.

Just as brilliant as ever.  Lots of sub-woofer, split-surround, easy to understand dialogue, groovy music, the works!  There aren't a lot of action scenes in this movie but you definitely notice them when they occur.  The remastering crew at WB must have had a field day with all of these Dirty Harry movies.

You get a kick in the golf-pants when the sub-woofer comes into play with guns ablazing, trucks exploding and even drawbridges raising no less.  It seems overutilised at times (even the elevator doors get a rumbling workout) but considering the limited action sequences, hell, why not?  Environmental sounds and falling debris sound great in all the channels (including the rears) ... the remixers have made the most of the limited opportunities available.  The dialogue is decipherable throughout the film and the music keeps you bopping with a funky double-bass line that'll make your safari suit fall down around your ankles.

As usual we get the amazingly spellbinding one-page Cast & Crew information sheet which I could have read in the opening credits myself.  Then comes a six minute promo featurette that tries to make Something Special In Films out of the limited action content available - it contains about half behind-the-scenes and movie reruns, but then ends with footage from Magnum Force (told you there wasn't much to see here ... move along, move along).  The theatrical trailer (teaser?) is included.

Enforcer, The
If things haven't become obvious to you by now, this movie is for fans only ... sorry, die-hard fans only.  There's not much else to say about this DVD except that the video and audio presentation is of a relatively high calibre (as are the rest of the Dirty Harry DVDs).  If you must own this film, decide whether you want it for the serious storyline or the laughable fashions - the choice is up to you.