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Faith Hill is an artist who has sold millions of albums worldwide, but she still seems to be somewhat in the shadows of fellow country singer Shania Twain, well certainly in the UK anyway. Both female singers are extremely popular in America, but for some reason Faith Hill doesn’t seem to have the same fan base on these shores. Now with the DVD release of 'When The Lights Go Down', Warner Music Video are trying to even the scales.  

Faith Hill : When The Lights Go Down
This DVD release features a dozen live performances taken from an NBC concert special which aired in the USA during November 2002. The viewing figures for the TV performance apparently rose as high as 8.2 million, which illustrates this singer’s good reputation well.  There are probably some people reading this review who haven’t even heard of Faith Hill, so I suppose a brief history is probably appropriate. Faith Hill released her debut album,  'Take Me As I Am' in 1983, and it went on to become double platinum. Several albums later and Faith released her latest album called ‘Cry,’ (see our DVD-A review <a href=;s=40&c=16>here</a>) which went seven times platinum and debuted at no 1. The album featured songs such as title track  'Cry', 'Stronger' and  'Breathe'.  Fans of recent war movie Pearl Harbor will also know Faith's work because she performed the song 'There You'll Be,' which become a hit single for the artist.

What is abundantly clear from this concert is what a nice person Faith is. Some artists allow their success to get to them, but Faith appears to be level-headed and a genuinely nice person.  The main portion of this disc covers ten of her songs (When The Light Go Down, The Way You Love Me, Free, Let Me Let Go, Cry, One, There You’ll Be, This Kiss, Breathe, If You’re Gonna Fly Away) but also  intermingled between the songs are clips and interviews from the star. It is during these clips that Faith's attitude is clearly shown, she is obviously a hard worker but she seems to value her fans and find time for them.  As for the live performances themselves, well there are a lot of glittering costume changes and fancy stage setups, but I suppose that should be expected from such a high profile show. My only gripe with this DVD is the fact that some of the live performances are broken up by interview clips and behind the scenes footage, which I found slightly annoying.  I am quite old-fashioned as far as live performances are concerned, I prefer the song to be uninterrupted. The highlight of the live performances is without a doubt the collaboration she does with legendary guitarist Carlos Santana, which is mesmerising and maybe worth the admission price alone!

Faith Hill : When The Lights Go Down
'When The Lights Go Down' is not the best live performance DVD that I have come across, but it certainly not a bad effort. It is dubbed as a live performance DVD, which isn't how I would strictly describe it. It is more of a documentary/mini concert. With a running time of just over forty three minutes it is also a shame that it is not slightly longer. However, the songs that are performed are Faith's finest and ensure that this DVD is a case of quality, not quantity!

Warner Music Vision have presented this DVD with an Anamorphic 1.85:1 Widescreen  transfer.  This is one of the first times I have come across a  presentation from this studio, and I have to admit to being impressed.  There is a large contrast between scenes, and this transfer deals with the lighting levels competently. Black levels are solid throughout the concert clips, and during the outside scenes the colour palette appeared to be accurate. Skin tones are also lifelike with Faith's perfect complex portrayed adeptly on screen. Grain levels are slightly disappointing, higher than normal, however this could have been evident on the original TV broadcast.  Edge enhancements were not visible and compression artifacts were also nowhere to be seen. Overall this is an impressive transfer which oozes quality.

Faith Hill : When The Lights Go Down
As much as I was impressed by the video element of this disc, the best was still to come. Warner have treated us to three soundtracks with this release. The least impressive, but still good to have, is the Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo soundtrack. Also included is a Dolby Digital 5.1 track which sounded defined, but the crown jewel has to be the English DTS 5.1 track! There was not much difference between the two aforementioned tracks, but the DTS one had the slight advantage of sounding fuller and more defined.  A good example of this is the Santana collaboration which sounds awesome! Dialogue is consistently clear and appeared not to suffer from muffling. Also included with this release are five sets of subtitles (English, French, German, Spanish and Italian).

The first extras on this disc can be found in the bonus tracks section. This section houses two bonus songs which are in the same format as the other songs, that is they start with some behind the scenes footage and then move onto the live performance. The first song is called 'Stronger ', which  is a slow ballad and comes from Faith's latest album 'Cry'. This performance lasts for just over four and a half minutes. The other song is called 'Back To You' and is also featured on the 'Cry' album. This song is slightly livelier than the previous song.

The next extra is called 'Candid Behind The Scenes'.  This extra shows many bloopers and funny moments from behind the scenes.  It is quite amusing to watch, but only lasts for just over a minute and a half. Following the same theme is Photo Moments, a mini 'behind the scenes' feature which seemed to be filmed using a small camcorder. Most of the footage appeared to have been taken from the programme, but there also seemed to be some clips from Faith's previous photo shoots. This extra lasts for just over a minute.

The final extra is called web links and simply displays an advertisement for Faith's website.

Faith Hill : When The Lights Go Down
I can see the abuse that’s going to come my way from my fellow reviewers with the following statement, but I  am going to make it anyway! I actually found myself enjoying this DVD. The perks of this job mean that I sometimes get to watch some real classics, and while this DVD is not quite up to that level  it certainly has some good points. This is the type of DVD which you can stick on for a few minutes and relax listening to the music. While it is not the best music DVD that I have come across, there are still a reasonable number of extras to keep fans happy, and the audio and video aspects of this disc are also impressive. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to fans of Faith Hill, and if you are looking for an easy listening DVD then you could do a lot worse than giving this a try.

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