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This smashing, no-holds-barred adventure stars action legend Chuck Norris and Lou Gossett as a pair of treasure-hunters with a knack for finding danger at every turn!

After a long career of mishaps, wrong turns and utter failures, archaeological adventurers Max (Norris) and Leo (Gossett) are ready to call it quits until a spunky blonde beauty with an ancient treasure map hires them to guide her into Central America to find Aztec gold. But as they draw closer to the priceless bounty, they are unaware that a powerful, vengeful spirit is tracking their every move and will stop at nothing to protect the sacred treasure! [ Official Synopsos]


The opening sand based jeep chase flits between okayish quality and dirty grain filled grime at every turn. Thankfully the majority of the time it's the okayish level of quality, but by okayish I mean an 80s movie low budget film with HD boosted colours with pretty natural skin tones but wide shots that are so filled with grain and muck you wonder where the source material had been kept between filming and editing.

A lot of 80s films look like this on Blu-ray - not up to modern movie standards; not akin to remastered classics - but despite the limitations remain totally acceptable for a casual albeit nostalgic trip back to the past. The print damage here is always quite apparant, with scratches and pops catching your eye and exterior wide shots looking outright ugly, but given the right natural warm lighting, the right twinkle in Chuck's eye or cute glance from Melody Anderson, this HD presentation ain't half bad at times.

At its best the presentation here has some nice sharp edges, some natural colours and a good bit of detail in the (very cheap) treasure seeking locations. Deep black levels can be great, lighting can really pop and there's no denying this is probably the best the film will look on a home format, but given the films low budget history and ingrained silliness only a cult audience could love, there's no real surprise that overall results here are middling and only true fans will enjoy the minimal HD benefits.


The audio track is small and tinny at times. Dialogue is clean enough but comes with no level of power whatsoever.  Louder sound effects can often sound shrill and unpleasant, the score synthy and hollow and there's not really alot going on beyond the basics.

As expected the track sounds exactly like 80s films and TV shows of this standard always sounded. There's a bit of layering, mainly crickets over the top of dialogue but very little of note really, it just gets the job done without showing off.


Any extra features there may have been obviously got scared of Chuck Norris and they failed to show up for this release.


Silly, goofy and a dumb treasure based adventure that makes King Solomon's Mines look like Indiana Jones, but despite myself I enjoyed this flick. It reminded me of the sort of films that modern games like Uncharted love to homage. There's a wide eyed innocence to it almost; it's doing its best with what it has and it's makes the characters somewhat charming to be around. Wisecracking friendships, basic danger clichés such as snakes and unfriendly natives and a ditzy though entirely adorable blonde to keep our heroes on their toes. It's classic stuff and it somehow tapped into the kid in me that would have watched this with a less cynical eye in my youth.

The disc is bare bones, has a tinny sounding audio track and a video presentation that just about gets by on its nostalgic charm as opposed to its minimal technical enhancements, but if you want to revisit the 80s and put a goofy smile on your face, this Chuck Norris adventure is a worthy contender for your time.

* Note: The images below are taken from the Blu-ray and resized for the page. Full-resolution captures are available by clicking individual images, but due to .jpg compression they are not necessarily representative of the true quality of the source.