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[Official Synopsis]The Ghoulies are back and more devilish than ever, as they turn an unsuspecting carnival into a house of pandemonium in this wildly outrageous sequel to the original smash hit to Ghoulies!

Satan's Den has received its final warning; either the not-so-creepy House of Horrors spooks-up its act and scares some customers fast or its gateway to hell will be closed for eternity. Just when Larry Prentice (Damon Martin) and his uncle Ned (Royal Dano) think there's not a ghost of a chance that they'll save their show, they get some uninvited visitors to spice things up. The Ghoulies makes Satan's Den their home and profits soar as the demonic little creatures wreak havoc on the helpless fairgrounds. So take a ride on the Ghoulie-Go-Round and play some Bumper Ghoulies enjoy yourself because the Ghoulies will always get you in the end!


The Ghoulies sequel begins and the night time exterior setting initially feels a little more aged than the original film's Blu-ray presenation did. There's a bit more print damage too but very quickly that is brushed aside for another pretty impressive (and unexpectedly good) HD overhaul.

Almost exactly like the Blu-ray release for the first Ghoulies, colours are boosted but natural and the image has some fantastic edges and rarely appears soft. The overall style is maybe a little darker in the sequel with more navy blues and black elements to the scenes but the presentation manages to hold it together well and shows off colours and lighting very well.

Once again, the textures and detail of the model work here looks great. Those rubber Ghoulies look moist and icky, but a little less animated than in the first film. That said, they feature more prominently so it's good to get more time with them. This is another solid, often impressive looking presentation for a small catalogue title from the 80s.


The 5.1 track is wider sounding than the first film's Blu-ray release but it sometimes sounds as if all of the elements are in all the speakers all that the same time and doesn't really hold a lot of clarity or sense of space at times. Occasionally it all comes together and sounds layered in all the right ways but more often than not it's more just a attack of elements and not very pleasant or dynamic.

The only thing really widening the audio track are the Gremlin like mutters and squeals of the Ghoulies which live in the rears a fair bit and there's a pretty constant hum of the horror park in and around most scenes too.

The sequel doesn't offer up any Ghoulies extras, which is a shame as the US release holds a small chunk that would have been nice to see here.


I thought I'd seen the Ghoulies sequel but watching it now I have no recollection of it at all. It might be that the film felt a little fresher to me because of that but it seemed to flow a bit smoother as a film and have a touch more more going on in the rather silly plot. This sequel felt it had a slightly more modern (well 80s modern) attitude as opposed to a mishmash of retro and wacky occult monster mash ups like the first film thrives on. At the end of it though it's still a silly monster movie with some silly icky monster fun, so it's hard to not enjoy at least most of it, especially given the fact the presentation is generally pretty impressive, given the film's cult and largely forgotten status.
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 Ghoulies II
 Ghoulies II
 Ghoulies II
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