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[Offical Synopsis] As a child, Jonathan (Peter Liapis) was almost killed by his father, Malcolm (Michael Des Barres), during a satanic ritual. After being saved and raised by Wolfgang (Jack Nance), who has kept him unaware of his background, Jonathan inherits Malcolm's house and moves in with girlfriend Rebecca (Lisa Pelikan). Through his explorations of the house he begins unlocking the secrets and latent powers contained within his new found home.

But there are other dark powers at work in the house; powers more terrifying, more hideous than anything you've ever seen. It is foretold that Evil will triumph and Ghoulies will walk the earth


Given my past experience with the film was all VHS based and 20 odd years ago Ghoulies looked about every bit better than I expected it to look on Blu-ray. I expected grub, grime and grain but this presentation looks pretty darn great. From the off the image is clean with minimal damage, colours are boosted but natural and while the image is by no means as crisp as a modern title, it's got some fantastic edges and an image that's rarely soft.

Texture and detail wise the model work here has never looked better. Rubber Ghoulies look moist and icky as they should. In fact the detail on the little nasties have never looked better, you can really study every little thing that makes them so memorable.

The wilder, almost 80s hair metal music video visuals, with their bright neon lighting, smoke machines and Gothic shadowing is all effective. Production is cheap and the lighting and colouring almost 60s in style but here it's bright, clean and full of life and at times even vivid.


The 5.1 track isn't very 5.1 at all really, in fact it's extremely frontal but it's a clean sounding track with very few issues beyond its inherent smallness. Nature sounds widen the outdoor scenes quite effectively, the grunt and snorts from the Ghoulies sound wet and 80s monstrous in the way that sort of plays silly nowadays but hits the exact right sound for the tone of the film.


The Director, Luca Bercovici's introduction is 52 seconds and very honest about the film's silliness.

Moving on to Luca Bercovici's commentary, he's continues to be apologetic about the film's silliness, cloaked with a lot of sarcasm about the quality of the film. He has a co-host leading him through the film with some technical and behind the scenes questions which keeps the track focused and detailed.


Ghoulies was a film that caught every bit of my attention as a kid. Those classic posters of weird monsters hanging around a toilet lept out of the rental video shops of my youth and despite holding very few memories of the actual film itself really, that poster art has always stayed with me. Revisiting the film so many years later, and with a A/V presentation that made it more than worth it, Ghoulies has not exactly aged well (though arguably it was already dated on its initial release). At the time it was always, the similar monster based nasty Critters that stuck with me after watching and Ghoulies sort of fell short of my expectations. The rewatch was much the same, it's just a little too goofy to be anything more than a bit of fun but damn those Ghoulies are fun to be around, especially on their new Blu-ray home, even if the UK release seems to be lacking on the extras front compared to the US release.