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The Film
As I am sure you have guessed, this is yet another film from the “Thumb” people. Parodying The Godfather this film has nice opening music and aesthetic titles. That’s pretty much where the positive comments stop. It is the day of the Godthumb’s daughters wedding. And it is time for people to ask for favours from him. The favours are silly and I didn’t think funny at all. However the Godthumb’s aides have the odd good line, and have names that are kind of funny (Adopted Lawyer Son, Thummy the hot head and Afraido who “Doesn’t talk much in the film”). In fact, Thummy’s opening lines are also quite good (in an Italian/American accent):

I’m your son. I’m a hot head. All I’m saying is (starts to shout) Whatever we do, we should do it quickly, in a rage – without thinking, preferably at night, you know when you’re in that weird state between sleeping and waking? THAT’S WHEN WE STRIKE!

Godthumb, The
The wedding arrives and we have the scene where people give the couple presents. This is the first Thumb movie I have seen where a non-thumb character is used. This is Lucky Brassiere, a henchman who is basically someone’s chin with eyes on it, and the mouth. Again, not funny. Johnny Pizano arrives on the scene, the singing acting super stud. Girl thumbs faint at his feet and he sings a song, and I have to hit the mute button. His request to the Godthumb is to make a film producer let him star in Electro Robo-Boogie 2. This leads to one of the most famous scenes in the film in which the producer wakes up with the head of a horse in his bed. However in this case he is stubborn and refuses to give the part to Pizano and this scene drags on and on as different animals heads end up in his bed and eventually Pizano gets the part.

After refusing the favour to invest in the Original Meat Magician which makes square meat balls, the Godthumb gets gunned down on his way to buying more kittens to eat. Yes he eats live kittens, and so he deserves to be shot. Anyway, he gets shot with a bazooka and miraculously the doctors manage to save him, albeit only his head. The story progresses with Micky meeting the crime lord and the crooked police chief in a restaurant. Going to the bathroom he retrieves the pre-placed gun and shoots both the people he was to dine with. Interlaced with “jokes” and “humour” I am sure even if I had laughing gas, I wouldn’t find this funny. Anyway, this thirty minute epic continues and the Godthumb decrees that the family will no longer have crime as the family business, but justice! And they will gun down anyone who opposes their justice.

Even if this is on telly, don’t watch it. Don’t pay for it and please do not travel anywhere to see it. The story is shockingly bad, apart from the opening couple of minutes, there is nothing funny in this picture. The overall presentation of the disc is good. The menu theme is obviously that of The Godfather and with the music and the specially crafted font, it looks nice.  

As with Bat Thumb the video for this presentation is admirable. Shot and presented in 4:3 there are very few artefacts present and the colour levels are quite adequate. Not really much more to say here. Its nothing outstanding by any means but it certainly is crisp and clear enough to let you see how truly bad this film is.

Godthumb, The

English, French, German and Spanish audio tracks are present on this disc of which I only listened to the English. Dolby Digital 2.0 only here I’m afraid however there is not much in the way of on screen action requiring 5.1 surround. It might have been nice for the gunning down of the Godthumb and it could have been good for some of the music but it’s no real loss. Little background noise and clean dialogue make this for the most a sufficient track.  

First up are the Outtakes. Several short scenes featuring the actors either “forgetting” their lines or adding in “humorous” extras as with Bat Thumb, these are funny in the same way as having your legs waxed is funny. Lots of short, sharp pains which you really don’t want to have to endure again except the outtakes take two minutes. The cast interviews feature Johnny Pizano as well as several other main and not so main characters. The Electric Robot has some good bass it its interview. The Personal Thoughts are some random thoughts of the cast. The Godthumb talks about how he’d want to take a lighter back to caveman times so everyone would think he was the King with his lighter. Thummy relates his encounter with a vending machine in which it didn’t dispense his candy so he kicked the “life” out of it. Unfortunately the extra features don’t stop there.

The Storyboards feature is a slideshow which runs for nearly two minutes. This is literally the story shown in a shorter time. All hand drawn, someone has some talent, somewhere. The last of the extras conclude with the trailers for other various Thumb movies. These are Thumb Wars, Frakenthumb, The Godthumb, Bat Thumb, the Blair Thumb and Thumbtanic. These trailers actually feature more laughs than this film. One is during Thumb Wars with the pronunciation of the Obi-Wan characters name, and the second was at the end of the Blair Thumb trailer (“Take the girl and leave us alone!”).

Godthumb, The

Can you tell what I thought of this film? If it hasn’t come across strongly enough yet I will say again, this film stinks. A pain only rivalled by that of having your toe nails ripped off and then dipping your feet into the sea is how I would best describe this effort. A very poor show indeed however the presentation of the disc was quite decent with its animated menus and Godfather-esque soundtrack. I don’t think even die hard fans will want to watch this drivel.