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"The Goonies" tells the tale of Mikey (Sean Astin), Data (Jonathan Ke Quan), Mouth (Corey Feldman), Brand (Josh Brolin), Chunk (Jeff Cohen), Andy (Kerri Green), and Stef (Martha Plimpton) who want nothing more then to save their neighborhood from a wealthy businessman who wants to take over the land for development. The group of children, calling themselves ‘The Goonies’, decide to go on one last adventure where their hopes and dreams may potentially come true all because of an old treasure map that is found in an attic.

Goonies, The  - Special Edition
Along the way, the Goonies will face escaped criminals, an ancient pirate ship and booby traps in an effort to grasp the “rich stuff” and save their neighborhood from being demolished.

This film is an outstanding adventure film that has always been one of my all time favorites and I am pleased to see it debut on DVD 16 years after it appeared on big screens. There is something to say about a film, that contains the names of Steven Spielberg, Chris Columbus and Richard Donner. Spielberg wrote the story, while Columbus wrote the screenplay and Donner took the helm as director. I think that Donner’s direction is flawless with a cast consisting of mostly young actors who are outstanding in their roles.

What child doesn’t dream about going on that adventure where danger awaits around every corner. Not to mention the fact that the Goonies can only go forward as they are pursued by the Fratelli’s - an infamous family with a spotty criminal record. I think that’s why I loved this movie as much as I do. The sense of adventure, quick pacing and snappy dialogue made this film fantastic. Besides, how many children imagine themselves on a treasure hunt where making it the end will ultimately hail you and your buddies heroes? That’s the magic that “The Goonies” offers and it does it well. All said, this film is just plain fun!

“The Goonies” is presented in anamorphic 2.35:1 aspect ratio and it looks great! The colors of the film don’t come across as sharp and crisp, however, as a viewer, you need to keep in mind that the film is 16 years old. I did notice a few specks and blemishes, however, it wasn’t too distracting and overall, Warner has done a fantastic job with this film given its age.

The soundtrack is a Dolby Digital 5.1 that uses the front speakers to coincide with the action on the screen, while the surround sound pumps out the special effect sounds and the music. There were a few scenes where my subwoofer was put to work and the room actually rumbled from the bass, which is outstanding. The dialogue of the characters was crisp, clear and smooth. All things considered, the audio track from this film has stood the test of time, although at times there was some background noise, but it wasn’t anything too distracting.  

This disc also contains a 2.0 surround track in English, Spanish mono with English, French, Spanish and Portuguese subtitles.

Goonies, The  - Special Edition
Warner has loaded this DVD edition of “The Goonies” with enough special features to entertain any enthusiast or first time viewers of the film. They are great!

Contained therein is a new screen-specific audio commentary with director Richard Donner and all seven actors who portrayed the Goonies. This is perhaps the best commentary track I have seen and heard all year and will certainly make its mark on the DVD industry. It is a fantastic treat to see and hear the actors who are all grown-up go back to reflect on the making of the film. This commentary is often hilarious and highlights some of the mistakes that the cast made that actually made the final cut of the film. This is a fine example of how commentaries should be recorded. I could tell that each and every person, cast and crew, really enjoyed making this film.

What makes the commentary track unique though is the idea that the main picture during the commentary is that of the actors while the film is presented in a small box in the bottom right corner. This is an outstanding commentary and I commend the producers of the DVD edition for taking this classic film and doing it right!

The disc also features both music videos from Cyndi Lauper, “The Goonies R Good Enough”. This snappy tune and video premiered in two parts. The first part of the video was broadcast on MTV prior to the opening of “The Goonies”. The second part was broadcast after the film opened. The twelve minute video was absolutely awesome and brought back memories of watching it 16 years ago. An increasing amount of DVD’s are featuring music videos of a song from the soundtrack, and although I tend to be disappointed by most of them, this video had me smiling the entire time.

Goonies, The  - Special Edition
Three deleted scenes including the infamous “octopus scene” are included in the Deleted Scenes section. These are actually a lot of fun to watch and I am glad that they were included on this disc.

Finally, the disc features the “The Making of The Goonies” featurette from 1985, production notes, cast and crew filmographies and the original theatrical trailer.

Warner Brothers has given a classic family film from the 1980’s a fantastic treatment. “The Goonies” is a fun adventure film for the entire family and will now be able to live on in DVD enthusiast’s libraries. No DVD library should be without “The Goonies” as they are “good enough 4 me!”