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The BBC is renowned for producing classic comedy programmes, so it was only a matter of time before a ‘Best Of’ DVD arrived. This DVD is a compilation of all the best of British humour on the small screen, including The Two Ronnies, Only Fools and Horses,  Blackadder, Last of the Summer Wine, Steptoe and Son, and Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em.

Great Comedy Moments
There’s Frank Spence careering along at high speed and “about to be articulated”, Fletch having his medical before serving porridge, Pete ‘n Dud putting the world to rights over a sandwich, Morecambe and Wise preparing breakfast to the sound of the striptease tune, Del Boy playing it “nice and cool” before falling through the bar, Blackadder being upstaged by Flash (“am I pleased to see you or did I just put a canoe down my trousers”) and much, much more.

For a DVD which is billed as the Best of British humour, I cannot help but be disappointed by the sketches chosen. Apart from the ‘Only Fools and Horses’ extracts I could probably have chosen better sketches for every programme within a matter of minutes. I appreciate that not everyone’s sense of humour is the same, but some of the sketches were just not funny. Another problem with this release is that the sketches are only between thirty seconds and two minutes in duration, so they are simply not long enough to gain the attention of the audience. With a rumoured second volume arriving soon, it will be interested to see the content of this. A reasonable first effort, but maybe not all it is billed to be.

Great Comedy Moments
This DVD is unique in that it features many different transfers, all of which vary in quality. All sketches are provided in 4.3 full screen. Some of the programmes are so old that they are presented in black and white. If you have ever seen a BBC DVD release, you will know that the quality is normally good. This is the case here. Colours do seem a little subdued but that is probably due to the age of most of the programmes. Some sketches have badly damaged transfers, but overall the quality is perfectly acceptable

An English Dolby Digital 2.0 soundtrack is provided with this disc. Dialogue is the most important component on this disc, and thankfully it is clear and crisp throughout. There’s not much else I can say about the audio side of this disc, as it does the job it’s meant to. English subtitles are also available.

Great Comedy Moments
There are no extras as such with this disc, but there are various options that can be selected from the menu. As a user you can select to play the sketches one by one or in a random order. You can also choose to play them by programme. For example, if you wanted to watch all the Blackadder sketches, you could select them from the menu. Alternatively you can just choose to select an individual sketch.

Great Comedy Moments
Being a fan of British comedies, I cannot help feeling slightly let down by this release. It is a poor selection of British comedy. With a little more consideration and thought, I am sure a better selection could have been presented. As for the disc, the audio and visual aspects are adequate, but there are no real extras to report. This is a disc you may watch one, and never again. Probably a rental DVD, rather than a purchase.