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Ramu Gupta (Jimi Mistry) is a young Indian dancer who lives in Delhi. His dream is to be the next John Travolta, but he feels that he will never fulfil that dream unless he moves away from his home. Inspired by his cousin’s self-made bachelor lifestyle in New York, Ramu follows him there to set about finding the wealth and fame that he has always dreamt of.

Time To Dance!
His dream quickly turns into a nightmare when he arrives on American soil to find that his cousin actually works as a cab driver, and is struggling to make ends meet. As a stopgap Ramu starts working in a local restaurant, but he finds the customers too rude and quickly leaves the job. Then with a stroke of luck he auditions for the main part of a movie. Ramu is unaware that he is actually auditioning for an ‘adult’ movie and he is the leading male actor! On set he meets Sharonna (Heather Graham) who plays the female character in the ‘adult’ movie. Sharonna is more experienced than Ramu and tries to guide the newbie through it. However, Ramu gets stage fright and finds the whole experience too overwhelming.

Traumatised by this Ramu pays his cousin a visit, but gets a little more then he bargains for from the experience. His cousin is working at an Indian theme evening and Ramu gets roped into replacing the drunken spiritual leader – The Guru Of Sex. The role comes naturally to Ramu and he gains an instant fan in the form of Lexi (Marisa Tomei). She is fooled by Ramu’s words of wisdom and becomes obsessed with the fake agony aunt. Under Lexi’s guidance the newfound therapist becomes an overnight celebrity.  Love always gets in the way though! Ramu acquires lots of his spiritual thoughts from Sharonna, who agrees to teach him under the pretence that she he helping him in the world of adult entertainment. As the movie progresses it becomes clear that the pair have feelings for each other. This makes the situation difficult for Ramu as he must decide whether he tells Sharonna about his newfound job and risk loosing her, or just live the lie.

She's Not Impressed
I wasn’t really sold on this movie, even though it performed reasonably well at the UK box office (and also recently in the US). I felt that the trailers didn’t really promote the movie and made it look insanely ridiculous.  For that reason I gave it a miss during its cinema run, but thankfully this review has given me the opportunity to witness what is essentially an amusing and meaningful movie. That’s not to say that the Guru is a classic, as it can be silly at times. However, it contained enough entertaining moments to keep me amused, while my wife also enjoyed the more sentimental moments. There is however one bad point to this movie, and that is Heather Graham! Yes lads, she maybe pretty to look at, but her acting is diabolical. In some of her earlier films like Boogie Nights and Austin Powers 2 she was plausible, but since then the standard of her acting hasn’t improved and her performance in the Guru is lifeless. Some people have the ability to make you believe in their characters, but Heather obviously lacks that skill. Thankfully her performance wasn’t enough to spoil my enjoyment of this movie and overall I can thoroughly recommend it.

The Guru is presented in its original aspect ratio of 1.85:1 Anamorphic widescreen. This print is pristine and is a good example of how impressive our favourite format can be. Colours are lifelike and vibrant throughout, with this ranking as one of the most colourful movies I have seen in recent times. The image is also free from damage and is crisp throughout. Black levels while under-used, appeared solid when called upon. Compression artefacts and edge enhancements also keep a low profile and are not noticeable for the majority of the movie. This transfer is not far from reference quality and is a respectable effort by Universal.

Neither Is He!
Surprisingly this disc not only holds an English Dolby Digital 5.1 track, but also an English DTS one for good measures. There is also a Magyar audio track. Due to the nature of the movie (romantic comedy) Universal could have been forgiven for including just a standard 5.1 track. However, they have pulled out all the stops and produced a couple of quite lively tracks, which surpassed all expectations. As usual the DTS track has the slight edge, sounding richer and slightly more lifelike. Dialogue is clear throughout, but where this soundtrack excels is in the musical score. The musical moments (and there are many!) are fully captured through all the speakers, which is not often the way with romantic movie soundtracks. On par at least with the visual elements of this disc.  As for subtitles there are two on offer here, English and Magyar.

The first extras to be found on this disc are the audio commentaries. Fans are treated to two commentaries which vary considerably in content. The first commentary is by Daisy von Scherier Mayer and Tracey Jackson. This is a detailed track which goes into the technical aspects of the movie. The second track is a complete contrast and is provided by Jimi Mistry. This is a fun commentary by the main star of the movie. The second commentary has plenty of amusing moments and compliments the nature of the movie.

Next up is a music video by the Sugababes, who sing their hit single Round Round. The video provided is their updated video, which carries clips from the movie. The video lasts for just over four minutes. A Photogallery is the next extra on offer, which plays for just over a minute. This extra has some basic animation displayed in the middle of the screen and different photos wiz about. While the photos are being displayed there are also different musical tracks from the film being played in the background.

If you are a fan of deleted scenes then the next section is for you. This disc has several deleted scenes which are woven together into one large clip. Altogether there are around nine minutes of deleted scenes to browse through.

Finally the last section on this disc features several different trailers. The first trailer on offer is the theatrical trailer, which lasts for just over 2 minutes. This trailer does a good job of selling the movie and is certainly better than the teaser trailer which I remember seeing in the cinema. Talking of teaser trailers there is also one packaged with this disc. However, this teaser trailer is different to the one I saw and lasts for just over a minute. The next two trailers cover different movies. First up is the Ned Kelly theatrical trailer, which advertises the upcoming Universal movie starring Heather Ledger. The final trailer on this disc promotes Johnny English and lasts for just over a minute. Johnny English is the new Rowan Atkinson movie which is just about to be released in cinemas. The film looks very funny and this trailer should entice more people than it puts off.

The Menu
The Guru is a movie which I can thoroughly recommend. It is funny, heartfelt and original. Combine that with the superb transfer and soundtracks and it is easy to see why I have no hesitation in recommending this disc. The extras list is pretty reasonable and is certainly worth spending an hour trawling through. If you are looking for something to watch at the weekend which won’t require much thinking, give The Guru a try. If you have already seen the movie then there is enough on this disc to make this a must-buy DVD.