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The classic cartoon series featuring the adventures of He-Man, Battle Cat and friends fighting against the tyrannical evil hordes of Skeletor! Now on special edition release, the first two episodes of the outstanding show!

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: Volume Three
Like Father Like Daughter
The Sorceress learns that an incredible army amassed by Skeletor is on the march, threatening the whole of Eternia. He-Man and friends attempt to stop their rampage, but when things go wrong, it turns to Teela to have to save the day. But is she capable of following in her father’s footsteps?

Colossor Awakes
Skeletor has a new weapon capable of turning people to stone… and bringing stone to life. With most of the heroic warriors immobilised, He-Man must rescue his friends and try and stop Skeletor. But the evil villain has the largest, most powerful statue on Eternia under his command…

A Beastly Slideshow
Cringer falls for a visiting sideshow star, the gorgeous Prety Kitty. She manages to lure away the cowardly green cat from Prince Adam with her wily charms, and all too late, Cringer discovers that she’s part of an elaborate trap to capture him! Now He-Man must storm the treacherous Snake Mountain to rescue his companion!

Reign of the Monster
The celebrations at Avion are interrupted by Skeletor’s attack, where he kidnaps Stratos and his powerful staff! With this staff, the evil villain plans to release Molkrom from his magic crystal prison, enabling him to storm Castle Grayskull and become the true master of the universe!

Daimar The Demon
A mistake by Orko brings the demon Daimar to this dimension. As He-Man is diverted by the new arrival, Skeletor tries to bend the mighty Daimar to his will for an assault on Grayskull. But Daimar has an agenda of his own, one that could change the whole of Eternia forever!

Creatures from the Tar swamp
Orko accidentally finds Skeletor and his evil comrades at the tar Swamps, using magic to resurrect dangerous beasts from Eternia’s past. With such power, he easily takes the Royal Palace, imprisoning most of the heroic warriors. It is up to Orko to do some drastic magic—but will anything be the same again?

As with the previous volumes the video is presented in its original 4:3 (1.33:1) aspect ratio. Once again the quality is passable considering the age and origins of the material, and the transfer does a reasonable job of recreating the bright and colourful locations. There are a number of artefacts, but they are surprisingly few when taking into account the source material. All in all this is perfectly adequate for an older animated show such as this, but don’t expect Finding Nemo!

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: Volume Three
As before, each episode is presented in plain old Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono, and as with previous volumes they are serviceable, if somewhat lacklustre efforts. However, it’s not particularly fair to expect anything else from such an old show with a limited target audience, so I’ll let it slide. On the plus side, dialogue, effects and music all remain clear throughout, and the tracks are a faithful representation of the source material.

Moving on to the supplemental features, it will come as no surprise to learn that the Fan Commentaries are undoubtedly the highlights of the disc. The gang return once more to give us their thoughts on the episodes Colossor Awakes and A Beastly Sideshow), and they are as entertaining as ever. I was a little disappointed to find that there was no commentary for one of my favourite episodes, Creatures from the Tar Swamp, but I guess we can’t have everything in life!

Next up we have a Character Profiler for sexy Captain of the Guard, Teela. As with the bios from the previous volumes, this is another text-based affair that you scroll through using the chapter skip buttons on your remote. It makes for pretty interesting reading, and the profile is free from the spelling and grammatical errors that plagued the other bios.

The final items on the disc can be found in the Galleries menu. The first of these is entitled Production Gallery, and features a few rough sketches fom various episodes. However, one of the galleries is wrongly named after an episode called Evil Lyn’s Plot, which actually appeared on the volume two DVD. This is an error that should have been caught at the quality control stage. The next gallery is entitled ’Reign of the Monster’ Storyboard, which is actually a little more involved than one might initially expect. Selecting this option plays the entire episode—complete with audio—in storyboard form, and it’s also possible to use the angle button on your remote to switch between the boards and the completed animation. The final entry in this menu is the Fan Art gallery, which includes twenty one hand-drawn pictures by various amateur artists. Actually amateur is probably the wrong word, because some of the artwork look extremely professional!

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: Volume Three
This is yet another decent disc for He-Man fans to add to their collections, and it’s basically more of the same when it comes to audio-visual presentation and extras. As always I’d have liked to see more features, particularly fan commentaries, but I guess there’s only so much space on a disc (and over 7.5GB is already used). As I’ve said before, I doubt these releases are going to convert too many people to the show, but they continue to offer a valuable service to nostalgia junkies and big kids every