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A sophisticated supernatural Hollywood comedy whose influence continues to be felt, Here Comes Mr. Jordan stars the eminently versatile Robert Montgomery as a working-class boxer and amateur aviator whose plane crashes in a freak accident. He finds himself in heaven but is told, by a wry angel named Mr. Jordan (Claude Rains), that his death was a clerical error, and that he can return to earth by entering the body of a corrupt (and about-to-be-murdered) banker—whose soul could use a transplant. Having inspired a sequel with Rita Hayworth and two remakes (the first starring Warren Beatty and the second Chris Rock), Alexander Hall’s effervescent Here Comes Mr. Jordan is comic perfection. [Official Synopsis]


The image here is a little gritty but it's dirt and damage free for the most part and comes with a good level of detail and a relatively good level of depth. The image is a little soft around the edges, mainly due to its heavenly style and smoke filled sets but details in costumes are pretty fantastic at times. Light sources make eyes twinkle, greased hair shine and black levels are nice and deep.

There's a touch of flicker to the presentation at times which I guess is unavoidable and the only other minor issue is the slow moving smoke levels in the background in the heavenly scenes. They are all well remastered enough but show of a minimal amount of fuzz in the far distances, highlighting that even Criterion can't work miracles, they just get very close.


The score here is immediately clean and clear and that follows into the dialogue and sound effects too. The audio track is free of hiss or aging and while limited by its age is fresh and crisp throughout. There's a bit of background ambience to bring the minimal track to life a bit more than expected but this is this is another solid Criterion clean up that gives an aging film a fine audio overhaul.


'Comedy and the Afterlife' (32:13 HD) discusses the films release and ongoing influence. It's a warm discussion between critic Michael Sragow and independent filmmaker and classic film distributor Michael Schlesinger and shows off the fanboy in the pair.

'Ronald Haver and Elizabeth Montgomery' (79:42 HD) are Audio interviews from 1991.

'Lux Radio Theatre' (52:45 HD) is a radio play of Goodbye Mr. Jordan starring Evelyn Keyes, James Gleason, Claude Rains, and Cary Grant.
Last up is the 'Trailer'.


I love afterlife flicks and I love the tone this one is told in. Semi funny but still full of heart and, though aged, wonderfully realised ideas to show our leads watching the world they wander around. The Criterion disc looks and sounds great and has a nice, though not all that weighty batch of extras.

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 Here Comes Mr Jordan
 Here Comes Mr Jordan
 Here Comes Mr Jordan
 Here Comes Mr Jordan
 Here Comes Mr Jordan
 Here Comes Mr Jordan