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The Shows
One, Two, Three, Four…..Hi-5! Children and adults alike will be Hi-fiving everyone, including the animals after viewing this delightful, entertaining DVD. Kelly, Charlie, Nathan, Tim and Kathleen are back again to entertain and educate children of all ages. There are two videos in one viewing and it is definitely worth sharing with your children!

Hi-5 Summer Rainbows/Move Your Body

The songs are fun and the content is not only entertaining but educational too! I can hardly wait for their next DVD. How about you?

The first of the two presentations is Summer Rainbows. The vibrant colours, use of props and the catchy tunes surely will keep the young ones amused. I especially enjoyed the upbeat, energetic team that leads us through all the adventures.

They really seem to enjoy what they do and it shows. I especially liked the unique, creative ways they complemented songs with simple household items. One could imitate what it would be like to sing underwater, crawl like a crab and hear the sounds of the sand. One gets to wade through the water in song, swoosh and swish, even swim just like a fish! We get to meet Mr. Wall and play on the beach with a ball.

While the DVD is aimed towards young children, especially appealing parts were many outdoor scenes that were filmed at Seaworld. Who could not help but love the dolphins? While at Seaworld and at a beach, they thought enough to include other young children to enjoy sharing and playing as well.

I liked the idea of repetition, repetition, repetition to learn simple words and shapes. Another plus was including safety messages of “slip, slop, slap” with sunscreen and also learning about different places, customs and greetings.

Hi-5 Summer Rainbows/Move Your Body

While all good things have to come to an end, the time passes quickly. They say time flies when you are having fun and even your young ones will notice time has gone by and look forward to Move Your Body, the second of the two features with an emphasis on moving your body and the importance of exercise. Kelly, Charlie, Nathan, Tim and Kathleen once again lead children in fun songs Move Your Body, Ready or Not and Love. This is the type of video your children can benefit from every viewing.

I especially enjoyed a story called Magic Carpet and almost wished I had a piece of carpet to sit on and go with them on their Magic Carpet Journey. Most importantly your child will have heaps of fun and learn something new in the process.

Presented in 1.33:1, both Summer Rainbows and Move Your Body are a delight to watch. I was particularly impressed, once again, with the outdoor scenery, colours, and clarity in details. I am also a big fan of children’s animation that is included in both segments.

Seeing Summer Rainbow and Move Your Body are aimed at young children, I do not think they will be reviewing the segments for any colouring distortions or any distracting background noises, which were very minimal. Overall not a bad transfer, with the outdoor scenes easily the standout.

Both Summer Rainbows and Move Your Body contain Dolby Digital 2.0 soundtracks. The audio was good and I especially liked that even when the scenes took us outside, the dialogue was clearly heard. The DVD also features English subtitles for the hearing-impaired. In addition to seeing the English subtitles, your children can also learn word recognition as well as some simple phrases.

Including on each of the shows are child-friendly menus and a karaoke feature. I thought I would be able to plug in the ol' microphone and sing along with the gang. This was not to be. The Songs include: Living in a Rainbow, Grow, 5 Senses Move Your Body, Ready Or Not and Love. The option is to play the songs with vocals switched on or off and there is a repeat function in case you did not catch the words or remember the tune the first dozen times you play it.

Hi-5 Summer Rainbows/Move Your Body

Always view life through the eyes of a child I always say. Do you remember how it was to be a child and just have fun? Hi-5 Summer Rainbows and Move Your Body are something that can be shared with your children and also help them learn.

Both programs will allow your child to see what they want to see, sing what they want to sing and do what they want to do. Before long, they will be using their imaginations and creativity to take them places where they want to be. Ah, to be a child again eh? Grab me a Magic Carpet and I’ll look forward to seeing you at storytime.