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Paul Ross (Randy Couture) government agent, is stuck on board a hijacked plane as he tries to sort things out with his ex-fiancé. The crime syndicate ‘The Tribe’ have control of the luxury jet and Ross decides to bring them all down from the inside.

Hijacked joins the ranks of dross straight to DVD actioners and it excells at being lifeless. It looks cheap, it plays cheap and even with pretty well known faces (to the genre at least) this low budget snoozefest is just a mess. Couture comes out the best of the bunch but Vinny Jones and Craig Fairbrass feel so awkwardly out of place it’s criminal. The bright high definition of the visuals make everything feel like a cheap online parody of an action flick and Hijacked winds up making the other recent ‘trapped on a plane’ movie Airborne I reviewed feel like a better film in hindsight (which it really isn’t). This is all in large part to the 'action' movie being way too wordy and with a cast not really hitting the dramatic beats, like ever, this whole thing falls apart pretty quickly and never really recovers.



The shot in HD visuals of this flick are the only thing that looks good but because the image is so sharp and is bathed in bad digital tricks (like fake lens flare and CGI aeroplanes) everything looks fake. Sets are too clean and new, the lighting is a mix of brightly lit foregrounds and hazy backgrounds and nothing about Hijacked feels real. Textures are often good, especially on faces, colours are also strong even though they are mostly variations on beige until the tepid action starts and while technically the film looks modern, there’s no hiding the budget here and the elements that do just fail and make the movie look even cheaper.



Much of the dialogue here feels re-recorded after the fact and feels too clear and strong in the front speakers at times. There's no ambience to scenes for the most part either, giving that quiet and basic feel to scenes and the only added element worth noting is the score. This sits in rears and given its synth roots sounds dreadul but from time to time can have a good bit of bass to it.



This disc is as bare bones as they come really.



Hijacked, hijacked my evening and knowing I had to watch it for the sake of this review felt like a terrorist act. The disc looks good but does nothing to hide the low buget and with no features, it's hard to recommend this flick to even the hardcore Randy Couture crowd.

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