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The Spider-man spoofing for this madcap action comedy begins immediately with lace underwear layers generating the effect of webbing to a choral score, even the font replicates Raimi's Spiderflicks. Moving into an S&M dungeon with a group of cops losing a boss after he enjoys being whipped a bit too much, this tongue in cheek craziness just keeps getting weirder.

HK Forbidden Superhero
Kyosuke Shikijo (Ryôhei Suzuki) is the a schoolboy martial artist that through a series of events is forced to opt for wearing a pair of schoolgirl panties on his face as a mask.  Suddenly this gives him a direct tap into his mothers "pervert DNA" (yep they actually use that term) and it switches on his superpowers. In a flash of light and a removal of clothing he becomes... wait for it... Pervert Mask!

This flick just keeps getting madder after that. Events like Pervert Mask pullimg his tiny briefs up on his shoulders to increase his pervert power and to top it off his super move turns out to be jumping towards a bad guy, grabbing his legs behind his back and dick slamming them in the face. His bulge actually becomes the driver of most of the comedy here and Pervert Mask enters into the superhero catalogue with his own unique spin. Stopping thieves, gangsters and a whole city of scum. Teen girls love him, criminals hate him and all because he wears panties on his face. And if that sounds insane, wait until you meet his villains!

HK Forbidden Superhero


The image here looks creamy and modern with digital good looks. Nothing is particulaly sharper than average and black levels are a little off the mark but this is an otherwise good example of standard definition looking pretty good. Colours are across the board well presented, skin tones pretty much spot on and there's a nice bit of warmth to most scenes. Shadowed or darker scenes loose a bit of charm visually unless there's a clever light trick going on, such as a neon light or spotlight but all in all this is just above what I'd expect this cheap silly movie to look like, largely thanks to its digital trickery.

HK Forbidden Superhero


The dialogue is a little airy but still strong and clear and along with mostly everything else sits in the front speakers. The rears barely feel like they are doing anything most of the time. A bit of score, the rumble of a crowd of people, its all quite minimal and leaves the heavy lifting to the front speakers. With that said, there's a nice bit of layering with the score as it balances different elements and the bass grounds everything nicely.

HK Forbidden Superhero


To say there's only a Trailer is doing this a disservice. this trailer is EPIC!!

You may also consider the menu, which is the cover art of Pervert Man, every ten seconds of so gyrating at the hips and extra but you probably have to see that to really appreciate it's weirdness.

HK Forbidden Superhero


HK Forbidden Superhero is this year's most bizarre title. Pervert Man is utterly weird and more and while it's obviously a spoof of the superhero genre it rarely cracks a smile to break the illusion of the total madness going on. The flick gets an 18 certificate, which seems insane because it's so silly and never threatening in anyway but hey, its a bit of off the wall crazy fun that uses the power of perverts fueled by a teenage schoolgirl's panties, the BBFC must have 18'd it up before they even saw a frame of footage.  The craziness just keeps on ramping up and while the film is obviously not great, I cant say I wasn't amused throughout. I think Pervert Man he should be in The Avengers.

HK Forbidden Superhero