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Consisting of ten 40 minute episodes, Hostages begins the night before a high profile operation on the Prime Minister is planned. The surgeon due to perform the procedure, Yael (Ayelet Zurer), is surprised at her family home by four masked men. The gang quickly take control of Yael and her family and order her to kill the Prime Minister on the operating table in the morning, or else they will kill her family, who are now their helpless hostages.

Hostages - The Complete Season One
Yael does her best to manage the situation, and buy her precious family some time, by injecting the Prime Minister with medication to disrupt his nervous system giving her medical grounds to delay the operation. Under constant pressure from her captors to perform the fatal surgery, Yael lives daily with the very real and growing threat to her family. An atmosphere of increasing mistrust and paranoia develops between the hostages and the Kidnappers whilst Yael balances the preservation of her family against the life of the Prime Minister in this gripping and twisting ten-part part drama.

Hostages - The Complete Season One


As with most modern shows, there's An HD sheen here despite the SD format. Light is largely natural so colours follow suit and this brings a clean crisp edge to details and textures, especially when scenes are set outside.

Wider shots can look softer around the edges and more typical of DVD in looks but tighter shots are packed with detail and a modern well shot style. There's lots of browns and beiges going on in the colouring of the show, giving the episodes a creamy look but that enables colours to pop, so and blues and reds really do draw attention to themselves in the frame.

All in all this is a natural looking affair that never quite feels filmic enough in visual style to escape it's TV home like a lot of shows manage nowadays but hey, TV drama doesn't always need to play by high end film visual rules to look good.

Hostages - The Complete Season One


Dialogue is clean, clear and central. There's a good sense of depth, a solid thump too the heavier elevents and the louder pitches stay stable and crisp.

The moody score ticks away well under the tense scenes and the heartbeaty bass elements thump well in the track and echo out of the front speakers to good effect. Theres also a good use of background noise and everyday sound effects like clinking cutlery in canteens or shuffling feet in hallways

This is a level headed, slow moving TV drama and the track is generally subtle and small rather than show off and loud but it fits the show's style well and gives a real world feel that's required to sell the unravelling tension.

Hostages - The Complete Season One


Three discs. 10 Episodes. No Extras.

Hostages - The Complete Season One


Hostages takes its time to unravel but manages to hold onto its tension for the ten episodes and feels very much akin to the other foreign shows BBC4 love bringing us. It's initially a little more focused on family life but the grit soon comes and Hostages offers up a compelling bit of television that knows how to play it's highs and hold on to its audience.

The episodes here all look great, have a strong stereo presentation but features are non existent, so those wanting more than just the televised run might feel the sting of disappoint on that front.

Hostages - The Complete Season One