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Bully prison warden Bill Boss (Dieter Laser) has a lot of problems with his prison. Statistically it has the highest amount of prison riots, medical costs and staff turnover in the USA but foremost he is unable to get the respect he thinks he deserves from his inmates and the state Governor (Eric Roberts).

After a series of failed experimenting with different punishments to get the inmates in line, his loyal right hand man Dwight (Laurence R Harvey) comes up with a brilliant idea based on the notorious Human Centipede movies, that will literally and figuratively get the inmates on their knees, creating the ultimate punishment and deterrent for anyone considering a life of crime. The 500-person prison centipede.

 Human Centipede 3
My feelings on the Human Centipede series up until this point are mixed. I think the first is great. Laser is a perfect creepily manic surgeon and it’s all solid horrific stuff that's central centipede idea is true horror, in that even the idea of it will turn most people away. It’s well handled, gross but not extreme (even with the extreme nature of it all) and winds up a solid horror piece. The second took it up a notch (or twelve) and went into extreme gross out horror. There’s so much messed up and purposely offensive stuff in that sequel it’s almost entirely ineffective due to just how hard and horrid it goes. I wasn't a huge fan as the first sequel but Tom Six certainly knew how to ramp up his already much protested against film and give the critics something more to complain about.

So The Final Sequence. The big 500 person centipede. Sounds likes it going to go for the jugular to offend right? Well it does but not in the way the first sequel did, in fact Centipede 3 almost goes the complete other way and comes in something much closer to a comedy horror. Now of course, a viewer’s sense of humour is going to play a big part in how much of this is seen as funny but the story here is so wacky, it can’t possibly be one to be taken seriously.

If there was an award for completely and utterly insane performance of the year, Deiter Laser would walk away with it, in fact he should be given more than one becomes no one will come close. He is so on form here, so utterly and completely deranged and twisted with every single thing he does it’s hard not to sort of love him for it. I mean he was odd and creepy in the first film but here he is so enjoyably gross, extreme, disgusting, demonic and, well, I have to say fantastic, I couldn't help but enjoy every gruesome moment with him and he’s in like, every scene. He even makes those around him seem less bad. I mean Laurence R Harvey (the security guard from the second film) is doing the worst southern accent but somehow it works, Eric Roberts is almost a pantomime villain in his straight man governor role but it's sort of charming and even Bree Olson (y’know the porn star) somehow seems to work in a role that is full of disgustingly inappropriate situations for her to be in.  

 Human Centipede 3
Those coming back to the series for the connecting together of folks, well you'll have to wait a while in the film to see that. You’ll have to get through some pretty full on male genital surgery, lots of Laser licking his fingers, a lot of bad doctoring, the eating of jarred female body parts, prison fights, puncture wound rape and a whole host of extreme Dieter Laser spouting racist, homophobic, ignorant and frankly insane rantings before the big 500 man (and one woman – poor Bree) comes around and when it does, it’s sort of not that bad (once you get past some sewing together scenes).

 Human Centipede 3


With an extremely digital look to the production, Human Centipede 3 isn't going to win any awards when it comes to realism. Some scenes look distinctly more filmic than others but most of the time it doesn't look unlike a glossy porn flick (Bree Olson may have something to do with that) or a small TV channel’s sitcom at times but the HD image glows warmly, is super crisp and clean and comes loaded with detail, even if some of that is blasted out with the overbearing lighting at times.

The orange glow the film has is constant and strong and does add to the sense of driven mad by the heat idea pushing the film along. With the majority of the film situated in the big boss’s office, the image doesn't really change but rather ramps up the heat in terms of just how orange the deep orange lighting wants to be.

A few of the greyer scenes in the rest of the prison, still manage to pop with oranges, due to the prisoner's outfits and some of the starker shots explode with detail in characters faces.  Exterior scenes are a little hazier but are still packed with detail in close ups and this low budget horror really manages to glow in HD, even if there’s no hiding the small scale of this really.

 Human Centipede 3


The 5.1 track is as clean and clear as you’d expect from a modern recording. Laser is often mumbling or screaming but either end of that scale is crisp and (sort of) easy to follow. Bass isn’t all that noticeable but raises its head from time to time to remind you its underpinning all of the chaos that’s often going on in prison riots or wilder moments and layering in terms of voices and sound effects seems pretty well placed in the front speakers and gives each element its own space to play.

The film isn’t really a surround sound show off type of movie, it has its moments where the rear is used for a bit of score or a distant sound in the prison but really it’s quite a frontal affair with dialogue and the odd squelchy sound of gruesome delivered pretty well to sell a key moment that makes you feel a little more sick. Usually this is reserved for the latest thing Laser is doing that's gnarly in nature - even if you look away from the faces he’s pulling in the office oral sex scene the sounds he’s making are equally disturbing.

 Human Centipede 3


The 'Making of' (25:03 HD) is a lot of on set footage of the shoot. Lots of the always delightful Tom Six (h's so damn friendly), lots of the cast running us through the sets, costumes and the like. Bree Olson does us a bit of a tour but all in all this is a rather timid and a knowingly ridiculous between takes glimpse of the extremely wild film.

'The Alternative Ending' (03:59 HD) actually brings the series full circle and offers the suggestion the second and third films were the vivid dreams of our mad doctor and he had the dreams before the opening scenes of the first film.

 Human Centipede 3


Six still sort of delivers on the ever increasing insanity of his Human Centipede franchise here. It’s yet another flavour of horror, it feels more laid back and comfortable with itself, even though its clearly out to offend in the same ways the first sequel was and the meta set up of the other films being the thing inspiring all of this, with Six even being called in for technical help to make sure this prison does his film’s justice, shows a director that’s clearly not afraid to play around with a knowing wink to his audience. I for one found this third instalment very amusing in its insanity. It’s by no means a great horror and it’s certainly not a great comedy either but at a 100 minutes this one didn’t outstay its welcome at all and the clear 100% commitment by all involved (well maybe other than Eric Robert, you can tell by his face he knows this is ridiculous) makes this one hell of a spectacle even if you can’t really take it all that seriously most of the time.

The disc itself is a digitally clean and colourful affair, the audio track is sufficient for the film’s requirements and the Making of is quite fun too. Human Centipede seems to carry on its legacy of people feel like they either HAVE to watch it to see what the fuss is about or refuse to ever watch it because the premise alone is a line they’ve drawn in the sand. Either way, there’s plenty to shock, offend and gross out in this second sequel and probably just as much to turn people away just on the grounds that it’s not that great a movie really but I had fun with this one, even if I feel like I needed a bath after for doing so.