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Dix (Humphrey Bogart) is a jaded screenwriter who has an easy to ignte temper, especially to those trying to be nice to him. He's a drinker and yearns to take more risks but when a beautiful girl is murdered not too far away from his place, Dix becomes a suspect because he was the last person to see her alive.


The black and white image is another great Criterion presentation. Crisp edges and wonderful deep blacks make for a very pretty image. There's a ton of detail here, from Bogart's wrinkles to the many sets we wander through, it's all bathed in various degrees of greys, from brightly lit areas to darker shadowed areas.

The 2K resotred image here really does pop at times, the crispness noticable at all times, whether with greased hair or tailored suits, the sharpness of the edges really does elevate the film into a much more modern appearance and despite having little previous excperience with the film, I'd imagine this must be the best it's ever looked.


The audio track is pretty simple, mostly dialogue and with basic sound effects such as footsteps of clinking glasses for the most part but it's crisp without hiss and come with absolutely no issues beyond its own basic design.


Commentary with Film Scholar Dana Polan is more of a technical track, so full of details but on an immature side note the amount of times he uses the word "Dix" had me laughing  way more than was intended by the track. "We don't only follow Dix, we look at Dix". I know, I know, it's an easy gag but it still kept me amused throughout.

'I'm A Stranger Here Myself' (40.33 HD) is a 1985 documentary about the director Nichols Ray.

'Gloria Grahame' (16:40 HD) is a featurette covering the Oscar nominated star.

'In A Lonely Place Revisited' (20.03 HD) has the director Curtis Hanson celebrating the film and its ongoing legacy and how it continues to captivate him. He takes us on a tour of one of the film's locations and runs through some of the film's history.

'Suspense Episode 287' is a radio adaptation of the novel and highlights the significant differences to the film, wrapping up is the 'Trailer'.


In A Lonely Place is a broody, dark film with alot of character and a ton of attitude. The story works both as a thriller and a character piece for Bogart to shine in, grumping his way through interactions and dealing with the problem of this missing girl. The Criterion release looks fantastic on a big screen and it's a fantastic looking Black and White film that's scrubbed up extremly well. Extras are also fairly great in terms of focusing on key elements of the film but there's not too much on its star outside of the commnetary track elements that focus on him.
 In A Lonely Place
 In A Lonely Place
 In A Lonely Place
 In A Lonely Place
 In A Lonely Place
 In A Lonely Place