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This is the tenth movie in the Friday the 13th series - let me say that again - this is the tenth in the series. Very few series have managed to go this far down the line save movies of the, ahem, less than chaste variety. So how many more ways are there for the world's most indestructible human to die? Apparently several.

The Film
As we know, Jason Voorhees (Kane Hodder) is the main killer in the series and even though he has been “killed” many times, he still keeps coming back for more. In part 10 of the series, the writers have tried to make it slightly more believable by explaining in a way how Jason keeps coming back. He is being held in a room as he cannot be killed and is about to go into cryostasis so that maybe in the future they can work out how to destroy him. However, the army decide that they want to experiment on him to work out how he regenerates so that, I assume, they can implement the technology on their own soldiers. Obviously it all goes pear-shaped and in the first five minutes or so we already have a body count of around five. A brave doctor played by Lexa Doig (Romi from TVs Andromeda) manages to get him into a cryostasis cabinet (big freezer) and then freeze him. Unfortunately he manages to put a hole in this unit, and into her and this causes a lock down in the lab. She is frozen with him for over four hundred years.

Odds of girl in blue surviving - slim, to none

Using the latest nanotechnology Rowan (Doig) is revived on a space station only to find out that Jason is on board. Using his magic regeneration powers he is soon up and walking, and then killing. So, it could be a poor film, about weird looking aliens and laser guns, but it isn’t. It does however have its tongue firmly wedged in its cheek and, with the reasonable budget it seems to have been given, the effects are pretty good. Even though four hundred years have passed there is no totally implausible technology around like teleporters or time machines so it is trying to make a mostly believable future. There are a few one-liners, a lot of blood and gruesome puncture wound related deaths.  One of the best death scenes involves a womans face and a sink full of liquid nitrogen. Also, the way in which a guy slowly turns while he slides down a large screw threaded drillbit is truly gross.

I wouldn’t say I was a horror fan really, and while this film is quite gruesome in its many deaths and their very graphic nature, it is also done in such a way that it didn’t have me reaching for the nearest sick bucket. The jokes are quite amusing and the camp enhanced robo Uber-Jason is pretty funny.

Half the cast from Andromeda are on board

The image is presented in anamorphic 1.85:1 and is, as expected, pretty good. It is a little soft but there are virtually no artefacts. The explosions are quite vibrant but at times a little too white, possibly due to the video softness. The space age blue lights glow softly on the nanite recovery table and the blacks, while not brilliantly defined, are quite deep and rich.

This rental disc comes with three different audio tracks – all English. Stereo and 5.1 surround from our friends at Dolby are accompanied by a DTS track. The audio is pretty good in this feature. In my opinion the DTS track is superior to the Dolby Digital one and this is even noticeable in the quieter scenes. The echoes of people running and the simple noises that the cryogenic labs make (mostly gas/steam related) are slightly more succinct. The gun fire and explosions rock the room (even on Dolby Digital) and so therefore I can safely say the audio mix is quite involving with a lot of loud bangs. What more do you want from a movie designed to make you jump?

As the film's tag line says, "Evil Gets An Upgrade!"

Nothing. And no - in my opinion, scene selection menus do not count even if they are animated. There are several extras which have been submitted to the BBFC for inclusion on the retail DVD and the region one retail disc has several documentaries and an audio commentary so I guess it is likely that the retail version of this DVD will get a similar treatment, but as this is a rental disc we get squat.

I quite enjoyed this humorous gore fest. It is certainly a step up from the previous few movies in the series and while probably not liked by the hardcore fans of the series, I think it will appeal to a wider audience with its one-liners and attempt at a story. Possibly not one to buy, but since this is the rental release, I’d suggest checking it out.