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While there’s a glut of movies being released on DVD every week that sites such as ours cover to the hilt, often a disc from a different category slips through the reviewing net. We tend to cover a lot of DVD-Audio discs so the new format is heavily promoted by at least one internet resource but genres such as television shows, sporting DVDs and special interest aren’t nearly as heavily looked at. That’s a shame, really, because every so often a gem comes along that is well worth a look even though it might not be painted with a special edition tag or be loaded with breathtaking video and audio.

Enter Australia’s favourite comedian, ironically an Irishman by the name of Jimeoin. With his highly personably style, his quirky accent (at least to us Aussies, anyway) and his riotous observational humour, Jimeoin has endeared himself not only to those Down Under but also to packed houses across the globe. On this disc we look at a 2001 gig at the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin. Why it’s called The Jimeoin I don’t know, but All Over The Shop is definitely an appropriate main title.

Jimeoin, The: All Over The Shop

The Show
Right from the start you can tell this one’s going to be more than a little funny. So many different topics are covered, often in such a haphazard fashion you have no choice but to laugh at Jimeoin’s style. Highlights include his recollections on what it’s like to go to sleep, a brief history on the origins of the microphone stand, his take on relationships, the dynamics of boy bands and music genres and some bizarre songs and poems to close the show. Seriously funny stuff.

It’s quite an entertaining show even though it’s basically one bloke standing on a bare stage with a microphone talking to an audience. Someone grabs Jimeoin a pint of Guinness half way through which he gleefully grabs to take a swig. It’s also quite a good looking audience, too, with some of the cuts to the audience revealing some absolute stunners laughing their heads off (with their ‘teeth out’ face, which Jimeoin calls it). It is revealed during the rather humorous end credits sequence that some footage is from one of his shows in Australia, which would explain where all the good looking people came from. Also make sure you watch through the credits because there’s a gem of a joke chucked in from another gig somewhere even if it’s rather crude and direct.

For comedy lovers Jimeoin is up there with the best of them. Even though what one finds funny another may not (which he also touches upon during the show), Jimeoin’s style of comedy is appealing to a very wide audience. He uses profanity only in small doses and even then it’s only to add emphasis to certain jokes. This show was brilliant so it’ll raise more than the odd chuckle out of even the most stubborn of viewers. Well worth a look even though the 80 minute running time may seem short if you’re really enjoying yourself. Perhaps combining some other material with this appearance would’ve padded the content out a little.

Jimeoin, The: All Over The Shop

As expected there’s not a lot to report from this 4:3 full screen video transfer. There’s not a lot of work to do when the visuals consist of a stage and a guy in a white T-shirt so not surprisingly the disc looks quite good. Colours are quite vibrant, there’s enough detail to make everything stand out as it should (including the good-looking audience members) and there’s no real grain to be seen at all. There’s nothing outstanding about any of it but you won’t be focusing on any visual flaws when you’ve got tears in your eyes.

A dainty little 2.0 track accompanies the visuals and it does the job very well. Jimeoin might not be the easiest guy to understand but the clear audio (as well as a nifty subtitle track that even includes the ‘um’s and ‘aah’s) certainly helps. When he breaks out the guitar for a bit of a whirl the increase in volume isn’t handled all that effectively but this would have as much to do with the recording methods at the time of production as any fault in the mastering of the DVD. In all a good audio track that keeps the laughs coming loud and clear.

All we get with this release is what’s called the Jimeoin Biography, which isn’t your standard biography but contains some words on his travels, his productions and his origin. Good to read but it would’ve been great to see some other footage on the disc. Maybe there’s another one around the corner with his television shows all packaged together so we’ll have to wait and see.

Jimeoin, The: All Over The Shop

For a good, clean laugh you can’t go past this disc. It may not be the most re-watchable disc in town but for sheer diversity of your DVD collections and something different to throw on in the background when you do your ironing this disc is the perfect fit. This guy is genuinely hilarious and he’ll have you in stitches right from the outset. If you can’t see him live this is the next best thing so make sure you check it out.