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Joe Dirt (David Spade) is a janitor who works and lives at the local radio station. At the young age of 8, his parents left him at the Grand Canyon and ever since, he has been looking for his parents. With the help of morning radio host, Zander Kelly, played hilariously by Dennis Miller, Joe is given the forum to tell his story about the search for his parents. Meanwhile, loyal listeners of the morning radio show gather around their radios to listen to the supposedly moving and adventurous story of Joe Dirt.

Joe Dirt
Eventually, Joe is asked to continue his story as he travels cross-country to find his parents. Joe even manages to form a relationship with a hottie named Brandy (Britany Daniel) and fights with another man, Robby (Kid Rock) over her. Along the way, Joe meets a variety of funny individuals including another janitor (Christopher Walken), who holds his own mysterious secret and a girl that just may be Joe’s sister (Jamie Pressley).

I was eagerly awaiting the release of Joe Dirt on DVD as I missed it in theaters, and I can honestly say, “Whew!” This movie is terrible, not funny, and moves at the pace of a tortoise, despite its 90-minute length. I did find myself chuckling here or there, but overall, I wasn’t amused, nor was I entertained.

Spade does bring his usual touch of sarcasm and even makes you feel a bit sorry for the chap, but his performance isn’t anything that we haven’t seen him perform before, or for that matter, a performance that could blow away anything else he has done.

Miller on the other hand, is hilarious and I actually wanted to see more of him! The man has a talent that is simply underrated and I wish he would do more stand-up or even his own film or television show. (Miller previously had a late night talk show on cable’s HBO, however that has been cancelled for some time.)

Fans of David Spade may enjoy this film, or at least consider it to be a rental, but I would be embarrassed if the film were in my DVD collection. When I was done with Joe Dirt, I had to rewatch Tommy Boy, as that is where I believe Spade is at his best!

Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt is presented in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen and full frame (ugh!). As with most recent releases, I was expecting a stellar image transfer, and I must admit, Columbia Tristar has done another fine job! The colors are sharp, rich and crisp. I didn’t notice any print flaws except for a couple, which were in themselves hardly noticeable.

Columbia Tristar presents Joe Dirt in Dolby Digital 5.1 and for a comedy, it sounds pretty good. Usually, the surrounds are hardly used, however, in this film, they were used, and more then what I am accustom to. Although not an action, blow-em-up picture, Joe Dirt has a few satisfying scenes that sound great on my surround system.

Yay, Columbia Tristar has given us a commentary track with David Spade! That was my initial reaction when I discovered Spade’s presence on a commentary and I can say that the track does not disappoint. In fact, I think I wouldn’t be out of line to say that the commentary is more enjoyable then the film itself! Spade does provide some very limited insight on the production of the film, but mostly it is simply Spade’s trademark sarcasm that keeps the commentary going. I really enjoyed this one!

There is also a commentary track from director Dennie Gordon, who provides a much more detailed account about the production of the film and some the interesting facts about shooting at certain locations. Gordon manages to continue an open dialogue about how the film was made. Not a bad track, but the Spade track was better in relation to being entertaining.

Also included are three deleted scenes with Gordon offering a commentary on each. Although these scenes were somewhat funny, they aren’t the highlight on this disc! However, what is probably my favorite extra is a short three minute segment of bloopers that are simply hilarious! I laughed more in these three minutes then I did during the entire film.

Joe Dirt
Finally, theatrical trailers for Joe Dirt, Tomcats, Loser, Can’t Hardly Wait, and Saving Silverman are included.

Joe Dirt is not for everyone! In fact, if you are not a fan of David Spade, or have never watched Spade in a film, this would not be appropriate or fair as your first introduction to him (check out Tommy Boy instead.) However, this special edition of Joe Dirt does have its fair share of extras that are interesting and worth a view. The film, however, is a waste of time and does not satisfy, even on a comedic level. Joe Dirt is definitely a rental choice. Columbia Tristar however, produced a DVD that should appease any DVD lover.