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Just Shoot Me! is a sitcom, and as a general rule I avoid situation comedies at all costs. Don't get me wrong, I'm a gal who loves television. But in my more than 24 years of watching the tube, there have only been three sitcoms I have watched with any degree of devotion. The Golden Girls (come on, you have to love the girls!), Murphy Brown and  Just Shoot Me!

It may not have garnered as much attention as Frasier, or been as popular as Friends, but Just Shoot Me! tops both those sitcoms in almost every department. Superb acting, clever writing and a unique premise add up to one of the best sitcoms in recent memory.

Just Shoot Me! Seasons 1 & 2
Just Shoot Me! begins with idealist Maya Gallo (Laura San Giacomo) being fired from her network news job for making the female anchor cry on air. Maya reluctantly goes to her father, media mogul Jack Gallo (George Segal), for a job at his magazine. Maya and Jack have a problematic relationship, compounded by Jack's marriage to one of Maya’s high school classmates. Out of desperation, Maya agrees to become articles editor at Blush magazine on the condition she will be able to write more substantial features than the typical sex surveys and plastic surgery stories.

Maya’s new job introduces her to some interesting co-workers. Jack’s executive assistant, Dennis Finch (David Spade) is a supermodel obsessed, porcelain cat collecting suck up, who enjoys nothing more than insulting his colleagues. One of his favourite targets is model turned fashion editor Nina Van Horn (Wendie Malick), who seems content living the exact same lifestyle she enjoyed in the ‘70s. Fashion photographer and notorious ‘modeliser’ Elliot DiMauro (Enrico Colantoni), rounds out the dysfunctional Blush staff.

This release of Just Shoot Me! combines the short first season and the full second season for a grand total of 31 episodes. Both seasons are filled with endlessly quotable quips and charming performances from the entire cast. The first season episode Lemon Wacky Hello is one of the best in the entire series, with Maya, Elliot and Nina attempting to finish the magazine layout while under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs. Another highlight is My Dinner with Woody, which pays homage to the filmmaking style of Woody Allen. The man himself makes a 'voice' cameo at the end of the episode. These kind of original, inventive episodes may be highlights, but overall, all the episodes in these first two seasons are brilliantly written and performed. There are laughs a plenty to be found in each and every half hour show.

Disc One
Back Issues
Maya is fired from her TV station job and reluctantly goes to her estranged father, Jack Gallo, for help. In the midst of taking on work at her Dad’s magazine Blush, Maya meets the eccentric Blush gang. Secretary Dennis Finch, fashionista Nina Van Horn and photographer Elliot Demauro.
The Devil and Maya Gallo
Maya is seduced by the perks associated with working at a fashion magazine.
Lemon Wacky Hello
Jack gives Maya her first major responsibility on the magazine, organising the layout. However, some candy that Jack brought back from his trip to the Far East jeopardises Maya’s job as she, Elliot and Nina succumb to the buzz of the candy.
Nina’s Birthday
Jack asks Maya to throw a birthday party for Nina, even though Maya and Nina are not getting along.
Secretary’s Day
Finch is showered with gifts on secretary’s day. But his distaste for being called a secretary lands him in a gorilla cage at the zoo.
In Your Dreams
Maya states that she has never had a decent picture taken of her. Elliot offers to photograph Maya for her I.D. Things get interesting when Elliot and Maya start having dreams about each other.[/list]

Disc Two
Sweet Charity
Maya tries to her father involved in a charity, but becomes jealous when his generous donations garner attention.
The Experiment
For a Blush article, Maya sets out to prove that beautiful people get ahead because of their looks. While trying to prove her theory, she falls for the male model job applicant.
The Assistant
Maya refuses to fire her incompetent assistant to prove a point to her father. Elliot and Finch humiliate Nina on public radio.
Old Boyfriends
Maya begins dating a man her father’s age, much to her father’s chagrin. Nina puts a window washer in hospital when she flirts with him.
La Cage
Finch dates one of Elliot’s supermodel ex- girlfriends and winds up in a giant birdcage.
King Lear Jet
Finch and Elliot vie for the affections of Carmen Electra, while Maya insists that her father treat her exactly like everyone. Subsequently he gives tickets to a London performance of King Lear to Nina and Elliot.
My Dinner with Woody
After writing an article about Woody Allen, Maya is stalked by a Woody Allen impersonator.
Twice Burned
Jack seeks Maya’s help in getting his young daughter Hannah into a prestigious school. While Elliot and Nina bond over the blues.[/list]

Just Shoot Me! Seasons 1 & 2
Disc Three
Jesus, It’s Christmas
Finch tries to scheme Elliot into taking him on a Caribbean photo shoot with some models. And Maya convinces the Blush stuff to forego gifts and instead give a generous cash gift to the night janitor.
Elliot The Geek
When Elliot discovers that his favourite high school teacher has died, he reverts to his high school nerd persona.
Maya tries to write a more hard hitting article and spends the night in a sewer. Nina gets Jack a orang-utan for his birthday.
Pass The Salt
Finch’s fire-fighter father arrives in town with the goal of bonding with his son. However, it is soon revealed that Red Finch’s new found interest in his son is because he has finally come to terms with Finch’s homosexuality.
In The Company of Maya
Maya asks an attractive writer out on a date, but ends up being sued for sexual harassment.
The Walk
The staff grow concerned over Jack’s bad moods. Maya thinks it’s because he having an affair, but the real reason brings all the staff together to create a new Blush tradition.
College of Collagen
Maya and Nina fight over the the mentoring of a college intern.
Nina in the Cantina
Maya interviews rock star Nick Hewitt and discovers that Nina once had an affair with him. Unfortunately, Nick doesn’t remember Nina.

Disc Four
Jack sends Maya to a college lecture, but neglects to tell her that the lecture will be conducted by feminists who despise Blush magazine. Elliot agrees to take new photos of Nina, but the two disagree about the theme of the photo shoot and Nina ends up looking like a Oscar statue.
Nina’s Bikini
Nina’s donates her famous bikini to the Model Cafe. The bikini is placed near the bathrooms so Nina employs Finch and Maya to steal it back for her.
The Kiss
Maya and Elliot relationship becomes more serious when they have to pretend to be married to get Elliot a new apartment.
Jack’s Old Partner
While writing his memoirs, Jack becomes guilt-ridden about firing his old business partner. Jack decides to hire back his partner and chaos ensues.
Finch complains about the trivial duties that Jack asks him to do, so Jack hires a new assistant.
Eve of Destruction
Maya’s mother (and Jack’s first ex-wife) Eve visits Blush and immediately makes Jack angry and Maya upset.
The Emperor
Maya goes to a fashion show instead of Nina and insults a famous fashion designer. She attempts to apologise but ends up being exposed.
War and Sleaze
Jack and Finch go paint balling and Finch shoots Jack just as the game begins. Nina brings two men to Maya’s apartment and one turns out to be married congressman.
Rescue Me
In the final episode of the second season, Maya convinces the staff to donate blood. As each person donates their blood they tell Maya how they came to work at Blush.

Just Shoot Me! Seasons 1 & 2
All 31 episodes of Just Shoot Me! are presented in 4:3 Fullscreen format and look fantastic. This is an NTSC video transfer, but this doesn’t cause major problems with the image, unless of course your TV doesn't support NTSC. The only major issue with the visual transfer is minimal grain in some episodes. Otherwise, this is an impressive transfer with vibrant colours, solid blacks and detailed shadows. Some episodes appear duller than others, with colours slightly muted and with more noticeable grain, but overall, colours are wonderful and details clear.

The Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround audio mix is quite dynamic and well above average for a surround television transfer. Front and centre channel sound is solid and the subtle use of the rear channels for natural office atmosphere is excellent. This is a top end television audio package that is not damaged by any sync issues or drop out problems.

This release only offers a small selection of extras, but the case here is quality over quantity.

A wonderful featurette 'Always in Fashion', features creator Steve Levitan and every member of the cast reminiscing over the show. It’s rare that a retrospective featurette includes all the original cast members, but it's clear from the way everyone speaks that this cast are extremely fond of each other and genuinely cherish the experience they had making Just Shoot Me! A photo gallery 'The Blush Covers' features the various covers of the magazine used in each show with double-entendre headlines that link to plot developments in each episode.

Audio Commentaries appear on four episodes. Back Issues, Lemon Wacky Hello, King Lear Jet and My Dinner with Woody. All four commentaries are provided by the same group of speakers. Creator/executive producer Steve Levitan, writer/co-executive producer Eileen Conn, writer/producer Danny Zuker, co-executive producer Andy Gordon and producer Marsh McCall. While the prospect of producer commentaries isn’t appealing in print, this group are marvellous together. The commentaries are enjoyable, fun and provide many interesting titbits about each episode.

Finally, there are two trailers for 13 Going on 30 and Dawson’s Creek.

It’s taken quite a while for Just Shoot Me! to be released on DVD and thankfully this is a substantial release containing both the short first season and the full second season. With 31 episodes, quality extras and excellent audio and video transfers, this is a must see TV DVD.